May 24, 2018

Dave Jeanes - 21st Century Folksinger/Songwriter - Ask Me Anything!

Dave Jeanes: Yes, in the UK there are over 350 Folk Music Festivals every year. The typical genre is "Folk/Rock"; as expounded by the band Fairport Convention and many others...

Ask DJ Buddy Holly Anything About How To Write a Song - Songwriting AMA

David Charles Kramer: Timbre has to do with the tone of instruments, and composition is a melody often set to lyrics with the ability to be harmonized in various ways with chords.  Timbre and composition are combined to create specific genres of music or a combination of …
May 23, 2018

I’ve lived in 6 countries and used my voice and fashion blog to empower Asian minorities in Europe and USA.... ask me anything.

Wéko Tsai: Darling, I’m all about thrifting!! I go thrift shopping at least twice a month. In the UK we call thrift shops charity shops. I started buying pre-owned clothes from charity shops to practice sewing in fashion school. I’ve written a few posts dedicat…
May 23, 2018

I'm Kala Maxym, founder and chief event composer of Five Senses Tastings. Ask me anything about how to create an amazing event by pairing food, wine, and music!

Kala Maxym: Absolutely! Each struggle has made me stronger. Might be a cliché but it's so true! There are always things we could have done better along any given journey but it has – and continues to be – worth it every day because I am doing what I love!

Where's My Drunk Text? New Single by Madeline Rosene AMA

Madeline Rosene: I think there's actually an app for it!! :)

I'm an independent soul musician in Ireland with a full-time office job, have released one album (almost 500,000 streams on Spotify) and am recording a second. Ask me Anything!

Danny Groenland: Ireland is pretty small! It takes about 5 hours to get to the bottom of the country (Cork). I've gigged in Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Cork. Always find the crowds outside of Dublin very friendly and appreciative.  To be honest I've been refusing …
May 21, 2018

If you want to hear music you've never heard before then listen to Human Behavior EP from FP40 Band #AMA Music

FP40 Band: They will hear something that they never heard before and they can accept it. Thank you.

Hello, pleased to meet you! I’m Jenny Campbell, I’m an artist creating costumes in New Orleans. AMA!

Jenny Campbell: My painted screen of Edie the Egg Lady dress is on permanent display at the American Visionary Art Museum (Baltimore), & my 2016 Captain of Iris costume is in the Iris and the Goddess of Carnival exhibit that ends in Feb. at The Presbytère (New Orlea…

Hi, I'm Gimbey, a Musical Theater Actress and Voice Teacher. Ask me anything!

Gimbey dela Cruz: Yes I do!  Vocalize , vocalize, vocalize! I do that and body warm ups to make sure I can perform on my best

Let's Talk Kawaii + Creative Entrepreneurship + Reaching Dreams with THIS Black Female Tattoo Artist's AMA

Imani K. Brown: HI everyone! My sincere apologies for being away so long >.< I will be replying to questions starting from tonight :) I’ve been doing some heavy DC to Japan building while in Japan - working vacay #1 (alone) Now I am attending the Licensing Expo in V…
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