May 26, 2018

AMA A young EDM producer from Russia, the stage name Yolo.

Yolo: it is very difficult besides working on writing music to distribute it, share it with anyone you can, besides, I chose a name for which I had to defend for a very long time with the same musicians who also called themselves Yolo and to this day I fin…

I am the one and only Johnnie Cabbell, music mogul with 20 years and counting in the music industry. I’ve work with the biggest talents in the music business today. My company Global Vision Talent has secured millions of dollars for our clients. Ask me Anything!

Johnnie Cabbell: Hi Zella! Good question and I don’t because a million is normal now these days I get excited when it’s exceeding millions like 2 mil or better but I am proud to know we still hit that million.
May 25, 2018

Working on some new new group and solo..ASK ME ANYTHING

BiGGDeeMo: If i do any songs with samples in it which is rare,i make my own, making beats with samples is far to easy for me so i always like the challenge of originality over sampling,i got some songs coming out this year that will have some samples but the ca…

Jacqueline Auguste - lead singer of Canadian rock band ACROSS THE BOARD- ASK ME ANYTHING about independent music, touring, songwriting, booking gigs, music marketing and branding your band without a big label.

Jacqueline Auguste: Thank you so much for the great questions! Please continue to ask anything and I will return to answer!
May 25, 2018

Minimal Techno producer, ask me anything.

G. Teodor: An original production is making a full song, made from your own ideas. From your own creativity. Remixing a song is just interpretating other person's idea.

I am a Classical Byzantine psaltis and music teacher in the Portland, OR area -Ask Me Anything!

@JohnPeterPresson: Depends on the genre.  I do periodically sing other musical forms to "keep my chops".
May 24, 2018

Dave Jeanes - 21st Century Folksinger/Songwriter - Ask Me Anything!

Dave Jeanes: It seems to me that all of us like some kind of music. I'm happy enough with that. And, as Louis Armstrong once said, - "All music is folk music. I never heard no horse sing!"

Ask DJ Buddy Holly Anything About How To Write a Song - Songwriting AMA

David Charles Kramer: Music theory is a way of studying the science of why music sounds good and a method of analyzing how melodies and chords are structured.  Studying music theory helps songwriters to expand their knowledge of music and can give artists a sense of freed…
May 23, 2018

I’ve lived in 6 countries and used my voice and fashion blog to empower Asian minorities in Europe and USA.... ask me anything.

Wéko Tsai: That’s a great question. When I was in fashion school I wrote a number of essays on fashion sustainability. I started implementing it by buying less mass produced clothing that’d only last for a couple of seasons. Personally, I don’t think radical ap…
May 23, 2018

I'm Kala Maxym, founder and chief event composer of Five Senses Tastings. Ask me anything about how to create an amazing event by pairing food, wine, and music!

Kala Maxym: Absolutely! Each struggle has made me stronger. Might be a cliché but it's so true! There are always things we could have done better along any given journey but it has – and continues to be – worth it every day because I am doing what I love!

Where's My Drunk Text? New Single by Madeline Rosene AMA

Madeline Rosene: I think there's actually an app for it!! :)

I'm an independent soul musician in Ireland with a full-time office job, have released one album (almost 500,000 streams on Spotify) and am recording a second. Ask me Anything!

Danny Groenland: Wow. Really laying it on me there! That's an impossible question... man. I'll try to answer this, but if you asked me tomorrow I'd have a totally different answer. I'd love to jam with Stevie Wonder in the early 70s. I'd have loved to be in CSN (befo…
May 21, 2018

If you want to hear music you've never heard before then listen to Human Behavior EP from FP40 Band #AMA Music

FP40 Band: of course because as long as we think our music is different from any other musicians or bands. thank you

Hi, I'm Gimbey, a Musical Theater Actress and Voice Teacher. Ask me anything!

Gimbey dela Cruz: 30 years and it’s still at work

Let's Talk Kawaii + Creative Entrepreneurship + Reaching Dreams with THIS Black Female Tattoo Artist's AMA

Imani K. Brown: Hi Williams James ~ I’ve been wanting to get to this question for  while now! Thank you for this ^.^ Tattoo can be a healing + empowering experience. I attract a lot of who I am and all that is balled up into my manic depressive self :) So a lot of t…
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