AMA about being a 14 year old singer-songwriter

Ava Bryant
Nov 12, 2017

willing to answer any questions regarding singing, songwriting, performing to promote my work and social media accounts.  I have been involved heavily in music for the last 7 years beginning with choir and classical guitar and adding in piano and drums and songwriting along the way.  I perform locally quite a bit and am gearing up for a huge performance and recording my first major single in March 2018.  Looking forward to the opportunity to network and grow my core audience. 

http://www.avabryantmusic.com, http://www.youtube.com/avabryantmusic, http://www.facebook.com/avabryantmusic, http://www.instagram.com/avabryantmusic, http://www.twitter.com/avabryantmusic, http://www.soundcloud.com/avabryant

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Who inspires you the most ? 

Nov 13, 2:55AM EST0

Wow this one is tough.  I had to think pretty long and hard because it has never really crossed my mind.  I'd have to say that musically I really love Taylor Swift.  She started writing really young and has always had this innate storytelling ability in her music.  I am inspired by her ability to change styles in her music and stay relevant.  I'd love to have a career like hers someday.

Nov 13, 7:18AM EST0

What is your favorite guitar brand?

Nov 12, 7:20AM EST0

The first guitar I ever had was a Gibson. It was a little parlor sized acoustic guitar and it was great. My next acoustic guitar used to belong to one of my dads friends and it was very pretty and had a great tone . I don’t remember the brand but it wasn’t one that your hear often and it wasn’t expensive but it held tune and was great for what I needed at the time. When I was in sixth grade I got my fender electric acoustic that I use now. It’s by far my favorite guitar yet. Short answer is that I love Fender

Nov 12, 9:17AM EST0

What are the notes on a guitar?

Nov 10, 11:23AM EST1

Standard tuning is E, A, D, G, B and E.  I haven't ever really experimented with different tuning but I frequently use a capo to get different sounds out of my guitar.

Nov 12, 5:57PM EST0

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Nov 10, 5:48AM EST0

Screw it!  lol.  But no seriously that's my motto. 

Nov 12, 5:58PM EST0

Which chords should I begin learning?

Nov 10, 5:30AM EST0

E minor (Em) and C are both common beginner chords. They are easy to learn and are used quite a bit in music you hear on the radio. 

Last edited @ Nov 12, 9:23AM EST.
Nov 12, 9:23AM EST0

G is also a great chord - and A minor (Am).  And D.  My favorite chord progression to use in my original music is C, G, Am, F

Nov 12, 6:01PM EST0

Should I learn to play on acoustic or electric?

Nov 9, 9:54PM EST0

That’s something I can’t answer for you. I will say that you can play acoustic guitar anywhere anytime but with electric you will need an amp to play and make it sound good. I have an electric guitar but I never really took to it. 

Nov 9, 11:01PM EST0

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Nov 9, 4:25PM EST0

Haha I’ve never been in trouble too bad. My mom kind of stays on me for my perpetually messy room but that’s about it

Nov 9, 11:02PM EST0

Do I need other equipment to get started?

Nov 9, 10:34AM EST0

Some people get started just by singing along to the radio and some learn an instrument by sitting at their computer watching YouTube tutorials. It’s such a unique experience for every musician. I was fortunate to begin lessons really young so I’ve grown up with music as part of my life. Here at home I have several acoustic guitars, an electric guitar,  2 ukuleles (a concert and a tenor), a piano, electric drum set, an amp, several microphones, a Mac mini computer and a scarlet audio interface. When I record at home  I use garage band

Nov 9, 10:43AM EST0

What are your favorite songs to belt out in the shower/in the car/for karaoke?

Nov 9, 10:33AM EST0

Right now it’s New by Daya. Before that it was What About Us by Pink. I like to try Prayin by Kesha but those low notes are really low for me

Nov 9, 10:44AM EST0

How do you organize school and your music schedules?

Nov 9, 10:29AM EST0

If I had it my way music would be first but obviously school is priority.  I always do my homework first and then I move onto music.  But even when I do homework I'm listening to music.

Nov 12, 5:59PM EST0

What do you want to achieve in the music business?

Nov 9, 9:25AM EST0

I’d love to create music that people can relate to. I hope that my songs can make people feel something. I hope that I can find an audience that wants to follow me on this journey and that I️ do well enough to support a life doing what I love

Nov 9, 9:32AM EST0

How long have you been creating music?

Nov 9, 6:49AM EST0

I wrote my first song when I was ten and performed it at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. That was when I really got the bug and new this was what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t seriously get into songwriting until about a year later when I worked with a lady at my music school for about 6 months and it just clicked

Nov 9, 7:22AM EST0

Do you have a tutor?

Nov 9, 5:42AM EST0

I currently take vocal lessons for both pop style and classical music.  I'm in a band at a music school where I get instruction on playing the drums.  I haven't taken focused piano or guitar lessons in a couple of years but I hope to get back to that when I have more time

Nov 9, 7:34AM EST0

How are you going to promote your music?

Nov 9, 5:24AM EST0

I'm doing this AMA for one! I have social media accounts and a webpage all under the name "avabryantmusic" if you'd like to check those out and follow - I always appreciate the follows on my socials.  Beyond that I just get out and perform as much as possible and try to get my name out there. 

Nov 9, 7:35AM EST0

Will you make an album?

Nov 9, 5:12AM EST0

I really do hope so.  I'm currently working on a Christmas cover song that I'd like to promote and get out there during the last half of November and all of December.  In March I'm going to be recording my first single and getting a video out there.  Hopefully it sells pretty well so I can self fund recordings of future songs that can maybe turn into a proper EP or a full album eventually. 

Nov 9, 7:37AM EST0

What are the five things you can’t live without?

Nov 9, 1:09AM EST0

In no particular order (and assuming people are excluded):

1. my dogs

2. pizza

3. music

4. milk

5. 10 Things I Hate About You (my favorite movie)

Nov 9, 7:28AM EST0

What genre of music do you like?

Nov 8, 11:39PM EST0

most of my stuff is Ed Sheeran-esque - singer songwriter vibe.  I listen to alot of guitar driven music.  I listen to a mix of genres in general - pop, alt pop, rock, indie, folk, classic rock with an occassional country or rap song thrown in there

Nov 9, 7:31AM EST0

What’s the difference between barre chords and open chords?

Nov 8, 6:17PM EST0

With a barre chord you are pressing a finger, often your index finger, down on the strings to play a chord. Open chords are just your standard chord shapes, no barring needed. 

Nov 8, 6:27PM EST0

What does you family think about your career as a musician?

Nov 8, 2:47PM EST0

I don’t really have a career yet lol but they are extremely supportive and help me every way they can.  It’s awesome to have parents who are excited about my future.

Nov 8, 6:18PM EST0

What kind of audience do you wish to appeal to?

Nov 8, 2:39PM EST0

I’m hoping that my music will appeal to all ages. I suspect that my audience will largely be young females though. I think it’s easier to relate to a musician when you feel like they are experiencing the same things in life that you are 

Nov 8, 6:20PM EST0

What’s the most common beginner’s pitfall?

Nov 8, 2:30PM EST0

Trying to move too fast too soon or trying to make your writing sound like someone else’s music.  Success takes time and i can attest to the fact that it feels like progress is made very slowly but if you put the work in the success will come. And it’s important to be true to who you are as a musician or else your audience will know it’s not genuine

Nov 8, 6:21PM EST1

How did I find time to play guitar?

Nov 8, 12:07PM EST0

I started playing guitar right at my seventh birthday and have been playing ever since so it’s just been part of my life for so long now that it doesn’t feel like work to practice. Anytime I have free time I have my guitar in my hands 

Nov 8, 6:23PM EST0

What is the best way to learn guitar?

Nov 8, 12:01PM EST0

I started off playing classical guitar which made it much easier to learn more mainstream songs. I took classical guitar lessons for five and a half years and had an excellent teacher which really helped. Some people amaze me and pick up guitar on their own but it’s a lot more difficult than learning with an instructor

Nov 8, 6:25PM EST0
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