AMA Can the power of music heal our world?

Mike Puskas
Feb 9, 2018

Working energetically as a composer and musician for the past 4 years outside of my 36 year career in the business has proven to me in the physical that we musicians now have a responsibility to step up with valor and speak our truth through the music we create. This allows the habitual mind to alter the perception of what it transmits to its audience by allowing our intention to unify one's energy field to amplify the ripples that create the conscious sound waves of tomorrow. Everyone has the internal ability as a divine being blessed with the same capabilities as the creator to consciously co-create with its audience a field of energy and a higher vibration in flow with the planet. This grounds our intention in the NOW to help transcend the limitations and boundaries of our mortal existence in this 3D conscious reality. Can this alone bring humanity to a point of critical mass where it's transcendence can both accelerate and expand our species on Mother earth?

Healing through Music

Purity of Heart

Transference 432Hz

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What sort of artists do you work with, is there a genre you prefer?

Feb 12, 4:53AM EST0

I want to thank everyone for their powerful and probing questions. The thread of this conversation has certainly inspired me to dig deep and given me a great deal of hope that things will certainly turn around and get better in the future. Sending love and abundance to all....Mike

Feb 11, 6:04PM EST0

What are the most common mistakes young musicians make?

Feb 11, 3:57PM EST0

They try to mimic their heroes rather than develop a personalized and unique style of their own. They are also brainwashed by the media into thinking and acting in a certain way to gain the attention of industry peers that have totally lost sight of the bigger picture and why music is embedded in our culture as an evolutionary code and template for the transformation of the planet.

Feb 12, 3:48AM EST0

Should music be taken more seriously as a topic in school? Why?

Feb 11, 7:16AM EST0

Absolutely and the reason is very straight forward and simple. The current education platform no longer works or serves the minds of the new generation who are being born into a new landscape without distortion.  Music is the ultimate language that breaks down all barriers, color, creed, religion. cultural boundary's and allows children to express the inherent truth through their hearts. The more true connection the child can express the higher the vibration and the frequency of connection with the higher self come into the focussed consciousness of the education platform for the greater good of all.

Feb 12, 3:46AM EST0

What is a frequency composer and how is that different from a normal composer?

Feb 10, 1:43PM EST0

A normal composer consciously works in the chaos energy field of the 440Hz frequency wheras as a frequency composer will work within the 432Hz sound frequency which is the resonaqnt vibration of the human heart beat at birth. Its different in that it cfalms the alpha wves of the human mind, drawing the splintered fractals of consciousness together into a unity field and a state on bliss and beingness. This translates into a more alchemical experience that transecends artist and audience from one dimansion of conscious reality to a new one. In short it's friggin Awesome...and then some.

Feb 10, 10:58PM EST0

Where are you based? What's the music scene like in your locale?

Feb 10, 8:32AM EST0

I'm based in the energetic national park of the Watagan State Forest in a small community called Cooronbong and living next to the Shanti Mission, Abode of Peace Ashram has me very much within a powerful Kirtan based musical community. In 2018 the plan is to energetically present many new musical incarnations in the wider part of the state and perform in the global arena.

Feb 10, 10:49PM EST0

Do you believe music can heal? To what extent? Is there a scientific explanation to that?

Feb 10, 6:32AM EST0

I certainly do and I can speak from personal experience how the musical frequency's and the tonality of the delivery has changed and altered my physiology as well as expanded beyong the time bound reality my collective conscious co-creation wiht the universe. Everyhting is clearly explained in the link below which relates directly to the energising and activation of the cosmic channel and the flow of energy through the Chakra system.

Healing Music

Feb 10, 10:47PM EST0

I ceratinly do and I can only speak from personal experience at the way the healing power of music has helped me to transcend my mortal boundary and alter my physiology and cellular level. This has consciously generated a shift outside of the time bound reality and into a connectivity and partnership between the infinite offspring and the infinite being to become one wiht my higher self and assist me to rewrite my future. Eberything you need to know is presented at the link below.

Music Healing

Feb 10, 10:58PM EST0

You will be teaching a workshop soon.  Can you tell us about it, what is its purpose and what do you hope to accomplish by teaching it?

Feb 10, 12:48AM EST0

To offer the tools of empowerment to transcend and solidify the energetic partnership with one's higher self by externalising the internal and aligning the proper behaviors to transmute all that no longer serves us. I hope to bring peoples conscious evolution to a point ofr critical mass where everyone can understand that the body isn't them and that they have the ability to rewrite their future by living light of heart and with gratitude in every moment of experience that plays out in one's existence.

Feb 10, 10:44PM EST0

Have you always been a musician? If not, what were you doing before you became involved in music as a career?

Feb 9, 8:05PM EST0

I think even in previous Holographic incarnations (past life experiences) I have always been involved or part of some musical incarnation. In fact according to some inner planes readings I was a Muse in Egyptian, Mayan and American Indian cycles. I started in music at the tender age of 16 and before that I was just another kid on the playground of life ...and lovin every minute of it. It would also be fair to say that while I was building my connection with music in my teens because of the passion I had for it that I was also at College and then University. So my first jobs during and outside of school was in sales and marketing. The amount of crazy things that I signed up to sell would blow your My things have changed, where has all the transparency and connection gone?

Last edited @ Feb 10, 4:05AM EST.
Feb 9, 11:36PM EST0

What is your favourite part about working in artist management and development

Feb 9, 7:32PM EST0

The close bond based in respect and admiration with my artists over time because that becomes the glue that solidify's the realtionship both on stage and reinforcing a collective vision of the future. If we are in tune wiht each others vibration and frequency then we can co-create wihtout ego, distraction and or interference from the mindless monkey chatter of the 3D. In some cases that becomes real love and that's when the magic can collaboratively generate a divine shift in future events that support the vision of the team.

Feb 9, 11:31PM EST0

Do you have a religion? Do your religious beliefs have any influence on how you feel about the healing powers of music?

Feb 9, 5:29PM EST0

I say the following with absolute humility and with no judgment in my heart. But religion is a self perpetuating deception created by man to keep us trapped in a prison consciousness because it is built on the 3D ego principles of guilt, shame and servitude. The founding principle is master and servant which keeps us playing the victim card with every move we make in our lives. Having said that my own archetypal achors lies within Hinduism and I particularly dig the vibe of Krishna and Saraswati as they both offer wisdom, leadership. connection, devotional practice, non judgment and that the paradigm of conscious reality is created by every thought, action and or event stream that we draw into our energy field and externalise through the personality. But the practice does not rule my every moment of my every day. It simple gives me the confidence to move forward with my life in the NOW knowing that I have a cool compadre next to me watching my back. If Jesus, Mohamed, Budha etc is your thing then your well within your sovereign right to follow your heart and just be in the "Beingness" of what truly floats your boat and keeps you grounded. Namaste

Last edited @ Feb 9, 11:26PM EST.
Feb 9, 11:24PM EST0

What about artist development, what does that involve? Do you have a process you go through?

Feb 9, 4:58PM EST0

A great question and one that I hope sparks a depeer conversation. Development is a perception with an attached terminology that is accepted within the current socio economic landscape of our conditioned conscious reality...but yet it's so much more. That perception while being somewhat deceiving is also interpreted as vision for the future. Process is an application employed by th eindividual to help another realise their full potential. So anyone who says that in this day and age you can go out and do it all on your own has no clue about the divine connection created by co-creating and collaborating with other like minded individuals to realise and mnaifest a bigger picture. So to be egoic and all about self for the sake of transparency I will respond by saying. Process begins with unconditional belief in what it is you see in others and implement in an effort to assist them. This is the conscious foundation of Passion and the industry lacks it in leaps and bounds today. The hardest thing for a good manager, agent, A&R rep, producer etc to be is to be transparent because that's how we can be clearly honest with one another and honesty does not go hand in hand with an industry that is predominantly exploitative and manipulative by nature. Anything we do in this existence that we belive in is worth doing well and so taking the time to get to know the artist or band and their vision for their craft is key to building a bridge of trust so that every move that is made is a collective conscious process for the greater good of the project and it's devlopment in the current musical landscape.

Feb 9, 11:18PM EST0

Do you have any role models in the industry that you look up too? How have they influenced your work?

Feb 9, 4:22PM EST0

Yes of course. Some of the greatest producers became that way because they were given the gift of foresight to know when something truly unique came their way. THese include, Quincy Jones, Don Was, Daniel Lanois, Rick Rubin, Eddie Kramer, Harry Vanda and George Young, Berry Gordy, Brian Eno, Brian Wilson, Chris Thomas, Bob Ezrin, Dr Dre, Nile Rodgers and the list goes on. Each of the above have a unique ear and are able to see beyong the immediate 3D construct to see into a divine realm and then employ the tools to realise that vision into a powerful and influential conscious reality.

Feb 9, 11:09PM EST0

Have you been met with skepticism before when speaking about how music can heal? How do you deal with the skeptics?

Feb 9, 3:06PM EST0

Absolutely and the short answer is always to stick to your guns and remain in your sovereign power and define your boundaries so as not to generate offenses against others which in actual;ity within the Hologram we direct against ourselves.  Within the manipulation of the genetic template an embedded consciousness was inserted in the human sleeve and so there are sub conscious triggers that automatically generate a reactionary frequency whenever of belief structures or archetypal anchors are threatend in any way. The people who generate this skepticism aren't even aware in the conscious mind that they are throwing blocks and barriers up to ensure that the info received to the minds receptors never really sink in and soi it's all in one ear and out another. The key I found is to adopt the KISS principle and keep it simple and offer tools of insight based on personal experiences in the linear time bound reality to empower others and never offer solutions and or resolution to what has become an embedded code of basic operation in their personality.

Feb 9, 11:04PM EST0

How did you get involved in healing music?

Feb 9, 2:07PM EST0

Healing music came as  anatural course of my understanding of how frequency and sound birthed our world into existence. I realised that every woman, man and child had a particular frequency that their being resonated with and when that was drawn and anchored into a devotional practice the transformation of my physiology and the way that I viewed the world became apparent and clear and completely altered my state of consciousness. Kirtan music and its call and response allows us to enter into a co-creative and collective conscious space that is a beautiful union with the Divine and our true and higher selves. Every since that awakening I have been truly grateful for everything I have and no longer serve the ego which helps me to live light of heart.

Feb 9, 8:20PM EST1

What music do you listen to? Do you prefer to produce and work with that style too or you can work with any musician?

Feb 9, 12:35PM EST0

I classic old school and to be frank I don';t see much of the modern music even coming close so here's my top ten. Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, Grateful Dead, Cream, Queen, Jefferson Airplane, Joni Mitchell, Muse. While I love working wiht classic psychedelic retro because of it's undulating and kaleidoscope nature I can work with pretty much anyone as long as their heart is in the right place. Right now I'm producing an album with a Latin American female artist from Mexico and working hard to get the diction of the words and intention to her story just right.

Feb 9, 8:16PM EST0

Prior to frequency composing, what kind of music did you compose?

Feb 9, 11:22AM EST0

I predominantly dealt with the high stress world of the pop world working wiht many teen artists that went on to forging their own careers which used to end up in most cases in a complete downward spiral. I also composed a lot of score and stand alone tracks for a lot of coming of age films and television. I have always had a propensity towards working wiht artists that have a unique and fresh edge. Developing modern interpretations of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, The Runaways and Siouxsie and the Banshees were particularly highlights in my 36 years working all facets of the business.

Feb 9, 8:13PM EST0

Do you play any musical instruments?

Feb 9, 6:40AM EST0

Yes I play all guitars, bass, keys, some drums and produce and arrange for a living. I love playing indigenous instruments from Sth America, Nth American Indian and Africa to name a few.

Feb 9, 7:35AM EST0

In your experience in artist management, have you dealt with any artists with difficult personalities i.e. divas? Any stories to share on that front?

Feb 9, 6:18AM EST0

Absolutely and most young females have an issue being truly original and would rather mimic a favorite artists style and delivery. Working with a lot of the Disney kids affored a great deal of juggling parental expectation with Diva style behaviors. Probably the greatest example of that was managing American Idol runner up to Clarkson, Nikki McKibbin for a few years while her TV personality pull was still quite strong. We worked on many shows like Celebrity Fear Factor, MTV Charm School. Celebrity Big Brother etc As for stories there really are far too many to present here.

Feb 9, 7:44AM EST0

What is your experience with working with record labels? What kind of work do you do exactly in that area?

Feb 9, 6:11AM EST0

Most labels I worked with or alongside was predominantly in an A&R capacity and so as a talent scout it was my gig to go to shows, source talent, have preliminary meetings to ascertain direction and agendas and then bring in senior staff to begin the negotiations and eventually sign the group to usually a one single and one album deal. If the single stiffed then the album option was never consummated. If the artist got into the album process then video and marketing budgets were put into place and rates of return negotiated with management to recoup from all facets of the artists exposure in the market place.

Feb 9, 7:44AM EST0
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