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Jonathan Ejere
Dec 5, 2017

Newzandar is a place where you will find effective techniques that are backed by psychology and presented in a simple and understandable format.A place where you can get rid of any unwanted emotion that faces you.Goals help to provide focus: A life without a goal is simply like an arrow without a target. One can shoot the arrow anywhere one likes. Without a goal, it becomes tough to achieve anything until and unless there is something to focus on.

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What is the usual greatest motivation?

Dec 8, 8:29PM EST0

What do you think of parapsychology? Are you planning to write about this field as well? 

Dec 8, 4:59PM EST0

What was your motivation for creating this blogsite?

Dec 4, 12:17AM EST1

Are guest bloggers welcome?

Dec 3, 6:56PM EST1

Is this somekind of couselling or therapy?

Dec 1, 12:02PM EST0

Any plans to venture into a gazzette or magazine?

Dec 1, 8:52AM EST0

After setting up a goal, how does one keep from straying to another direction if another idea comes up?

Nov 26, 10:18PM EST0

How often do you post articles?

Nov 23, 8:37AM EST0

How about turning your compilation to ebooks?

Nov 22, 6:37PM EST0

Do you have plans to market your site to gain more popularity?

Nov 21, 7:49AM EST0

What is your vision for this project in the next 10 years?

Nov 20, 4:49AM EST0

Is there any way to access archived articles?

Nov 20, 3:57AM EST0

What is the ultimate goal fo creating the blogsite aside from helping subscribers and readers to channel their goals?

Nov 19, 7:59PM EST0

Are articles written by you gathered from personal experiences?

Nov 19, 9:07AM EST0

Do you have plans to publish a book as a collection of all articles on the site?

Nov 19, 5:27AM EST0

What other projects do you have aside from this blogsite?

Nov 19, 4:13AM EST0

Do you have a dayjob?

Nov 19, 12:14AM EST0

Did you study psychology? Where do you usually get sources from?

Nov 18, 7:07AM EST0

Can you visualize the income this blogsite might bring in for you?

Nov 18, 5:36AM EST0

Do you have plans to monetize your site through ads?

Nov 18, 3:50AM EST0
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