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muscle music
Dec 3, 2017

Muscle Music LLC is a full-service record label, music production, and publishing company established in Richmond VA, in 2011 and headed by its CEO Robert Frampton.

The company’s marketing plan includes leveraging the reputation and connections of its associates, songwriters and production team to draw nationally-known artists to the Company for recording and production services, and to identify and recruit talented songwriters and producers to the company’s publishing division. Muscle Music LLC publishing will cover the full musical spectrum, its primary focus is on the genres of urban and pop music, including rap, hip-hop and rhythm and blues. These genres have maintained a stable market share for the past ten years. Muscle Music LLC believes that R&B and Hip Hop music will continue to gain crossover popularity and will grow in market share over the next few years. As such, the genres provide a lucrative market within the music industry.

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How did you start and where did your funds came from?

Dec 8, 10:41PM EST0

How did you choose the name?

Dec 4, 8:06AM EST0

If you would compare the songs from decades ago to the present--how far did it evolved?

Dec 2, 11:40PM EST0

Can we consider this a lucrative or financially-rewarding business?

Dec 1, 8:43AM EST0

yes if you apply yourself

Dec 1, 9:30AM EST0

What kind of song genre/artist do you provide service for?

Dec 1, 12:54AM EST0

all genre's

Dec 1, 9:30AM EST0

How many people do you need every time you have to accommodate an artist?

Nov 30, 11:47AM EST0


Dec 1, 9:31AM EST0

How many artists have you helped towards stardom/fame?

Nov 29, 9:35AM EST0


Dec 1, 9:31AM EST0

Is the CEO a singer/performer and how does that enhance your music production services?

Nov 28, 7:18AM EST0

I wouldn't call myself a singer, but i do reference songs, it helped my production because it helped me create tracks with a good melody.

Nov 28, 8:31AM EST0

What does it entail to run a full-service company like Muscle Music LLC?

Nov 28, 5:43AM EST0

You would need to have some knowlegde of production software, song structure when you are writing songs, how you get paid for your songs/production, how you want to market your artist, and have the patience to work with multiple personalities.

Nov 28, 8:36AM EST0

What is the most difficult aspect of grooming an artist, recording, production, album release or promotion and marketing?

Nov 28, 5:40AM EST0

it really depends om the artist that you are working with, one artist it was recording, but i've had the most problems with promo/marketing, sometimes it's hard to figure artist out.

Nov 28, 8:39AM EST0

Do you have a website for your music production outfit?

Nov 27, 7:02PM EST0

I don't have a personal website but I have music on soundcloud/Reverbnation/facebook/youtube, with artist that I've worked with.

Nov 28, 8:41AM EST0

What kind of a facility does Muscle Music LLC have? How many recording studios does it have?

Nov 27, 7:01PM EST0

I work out of 2 studios.

Nov 28, 8:42AM EST0

Can a performer have two different labels for each of his albums?

Nov 27, 6:42PM EST0

If he signs a one album deal with each.

Nov 28, 8:43AM EST0

Can you collaborate with other labels? To what extent?

Nov 27, 6:16PM EST0

I have done some joint venture projects, I did the production a song writing and they did the marketing and promotion.

Nov 28, 8:44AM EST0

Have you been tracking the number of artists you've helped since you first operated? How many in all?

Nov 27, 5:08PM EST0

yes I track numbers on social media platforms, Ive worked with about 10 artist, a little over 300,000 plays/clicks.

Nov 28, 8:47AM EST0

What has been the biggest hit for you and how does it influence the business?

Nov 27, 4:00PM EST0

It was a artist name GQ...Genuine Quality, i did a song called Kissin Lovin Touchin and it got me in front of a couple of major labels.

Nov 28, 8:49AM EST0

How long have you been conducting business with your production company?

Nov 27, 3:50PM EST0

6 years.

Nov 28, 8:49AM EST0

How did you start as a company and what was the most challenging part of being a startup?

Nov 27, 3:23PM EST0

I use to handle the day to day business for my nephew, he was signed to Bad Boy as a writer/producer, and was signed to universal as an artist, started going to the studio learned the ins and outs of the business, fell in love with it and decided to start my own company.

Nov 28, 8:52AM EST0
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