Ask Me Anything about what it's like to be the lead vocalist and founding member of the band Losing September

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Nov 21, 2017

"We are excited to share our music and our band's story with you. Ask us Anything we are ready for you!"

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"Complicated" - Project Mayhem

"Crossroads" - Rise Of The Loser

"Liars in the Eye"- Project Mayhem

"Idiot"- Rise of the Loser

Welcome to the Loser Family!!

Losing September is a group of modern day Pirates with tires and gas in place of mast and wind. With a hard and heavy belief in freedom and an angst leaning toward revolution, Losing September brings the fight for freedom to your ears. Heavy grooves and melodies you can sing with. An independent rock band built on a foundation of longevity and perseverance.With the release of their 3rd full length album, "Rise Of The Loser," Losing September is getting ready for the productive years ahead. 

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How did you all meet up to make a band.

Nov 28, 1:40PM EST0

How did you start your career?

Nov 23, 7:55AM EST0

Started acoustically at open mic nights in Chicago. Found a band and hit the road. I never looked back 

Nov 23, 12:14PM EST0

How long have you been doing this for?

Nov 22, 9:53PM EST0

The last 10 years

Nov 23, 12:11PM EST0

Do you perform somewhere?

Nov 22, 9:25PM EST0

We perform nationally in the United States. Looking to branch out internationally

Nov 23, 12:11PM EST0

Do you play any musical instruments?

Nov 22, 6:46PM EST0

Guitar, bass, piano, trumpet

Nov 23, 12:10PM EST0

What's your favorite song?

Nov 22, 6:09PM EST0

Of our songs? Or in general?

Nov 23, 12:09PM EST0

Do you have a page in the Instagram?

Nov 22, 5:08PM EST1

Who inspired you to do music?

Nov 22, 11:40AM EST0

My family

Nov 23, 12:07PM EST0

Do you often go on tour?

Nov 22, 11:35AM EST0
Nov 23, 12:06PM EST0

Who is the boss in the band?

Nov 22, 10:16AM EST0

They call me the "captain" for a reason. There have been many attempts at mutinity but I still hold my rank 

Nov 23, 12:04PM EST0

What do you do in your spare time?

Nov 22, 9:36AM EST0

Practice and write songs

Nov 23, 12:03PM EST0

Who do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

Nov 22, 8:20AM EST0

A fully sustainable musician helping other musicians succeed at their dreams 

Nov 23, 12:02PM EST0

Why did you choose this genre?

Nov 22, 4:51AM EST0

I just wrote the songs that came out of me.  I didn't really choose the genre, the genre chose me 

Nov 23, 12:01PM EST0

Awesome! Good luck to your band.

Nov 23, 12:16PM EST0

How does your family relate to your creativity?

Nov 21, 7:57PM EST1

I just received this birthday card from my parents in the mail 🤘🏻

Last edited @ Nov 21, 8:06PM EST.
Nov 21, 8:03PM EST0

Do you shoot video clips for your songs?

Nov 21, 7:15PM EST1

What is your favourite place/setting to play?

Nov 21, 5:30AM EST1

On an outdoor stage, right at dusk, when the crowd is roaring 

Nov 21, 7:52PM EST0

Did you publish your first albums yourself?

Nov 21, 1:01AM EST1

For our first two albums, There Will Be Casualties and Project Mayhem we were signed to two different independent labels. Our most recent album, Rise Of The Loser, we released ourselves independently. 

Nov 21, 7:50PM EST1

What instruments do you have in the band?

Nov 20, 11:47AM EST1

We have rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, drums, and violin

Nov 21, 7:39PM EST0

How many people are in the band?

Nov 20, 3:47AM EST1

It depends on the size of the stage, and the intimacy of the show. It ranges from 3-6 

Nov 21, 7:37PM EST0

What is the biggest crowd you have performed for?

Nov 20, 1:48AM EST1

I don't know.. that's a hard question. We've played so many festivals and shows over the years. Ranging from 200 to 10,000 people 

Nov 21, 7:34PM EST0
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