Ask Me Anything about working in the music industry in social media

Jan 12, 2018

Hey, Ricky here and very happy to answer any questions regarding the music industry and social media, I have a Diploma, BSc and MA in this area as well as 8 years experience working for a variety of people, businesses and organizations.

For the first time, I'm also on the other end as a song I wrote comes out next month - You Got Me. 

You can find me on www.twitter.com/Ricky_Scott and my social media company www.facebook.com/the26degrees 

RickyScott says:

This AMA will end Jan 20, 2018 2PM EST

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How many months or days did you invest in writing the song "You Got Me"?

Jan 13, 12:53PM EST0

Hey, that's a great question. I wrote the initial idea whilst working actually, back in 2012 after finishing uni I took on a job in a restrauant (whilst also doing social media.) I wrote the song on scrap bits of paper. 

I then a year later worked with a friend to get a guitar and a demo to it. 

It was only last year when I spoke to the lovely Maya of DeepDownDirty that the project came about.  www.facebook.com/DeepDownDirtyRecordLabel/

In all, I'd say it took me 5 days to write the lyrics (on and off at work,) a few days to get the melody right and then time to get it re-produced etc. 

Jan 18, 9:12PM EST0

When did you start offering your services to people?

Jan 13, 12:19PM EST0

Hey, I've been working in social media for around 7 years now. This has been for various organisations, musicians, local venues, brands, agencies and more. 26degrees has been going since July, however it has been a slow burner as I try to get the brand out there. I have also continued to work for others (and still do) on their social media. 

Jan 18, 8:59PM EST0

Which market are you trying to tap into, to become your listeners?

Jan 13, 6:09AM EST0

Hey, so i'm not really trying to "tap" into any market. For me the track is very much just an enjoyable experience. I like hearing that other people enjoy it, that it matters to them, that they get it. 

As a 4 track EP with very different styles, it's really aimed at most people who enjoy new music. 

Jan 17, 7:41PM EST1

What got you interested in music? Are you a singer, yourself?

Jan 12, 10:36PM EST0

Hey, I'm definitly not a singer (although my housemate likely hears me try many times!)

I've kinda always just been interested in music, it's something that is always there for you, and is fun to explore. My absoulte hate is when people state that there music taste is somehow better than others, it's all subjective. 

My first real break was whilst at University, I work with Daniel Bedingfield on various projects including his single/video "Rocks Off" (NSFW): 

It showed me that I could have a career in music. It's difficult at University when everyone around you is going into finance, management etc and you choose this hard path. But, it's totally worth it.

So in summary, why am I interested in music? Who wouldn't be!

Jan 17, 7:36PM EST0

Are you also willing to write songs for another artist?

Jan 12, 6:11PM EST0

Hey, so I don't sing my songs. You Got Me was written by myself but sung by a great artist called John Emil: soundcloud.com/deepdowndirty-111649731/sets/you-got-me-ricky-scott-ft-john-emil-deepdowndirty

As I can't sing myself, any song I write would be for someone else.  I would however find it difficult to specifically write for a person, as in I write my songs based on what I feel. I couldn't just write a song based on what someone else wanted for example. 

So I guess the answer is yes and no haha. 

Jan 16, 2:18AM EST0

What kind of projects do you work for other people or businesses?

Jan 12, 4:14PM EST0

Hey, so all of my projects really involve social media, I have a variety of clients and it ranges from advising on social media strategy to full social media managmenet - taking it from strategy, to creating content and engaging. I am also a partner in a house music event.

Basically, I understand that different people need different things from me, I am always happy to discuss needs and would never oversell 

Jan 16, 2:15AM EST0
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Do you have a most favorite song? Why do you like this song so much?

Jan 12, 11:32AM EST0

Hey so, this is my favourite question and it's actually one that I always ask everyone I know. It says alot about a person but also makes them think. 

The worst answer I always hear to this is "Oh I don't know, I can't pick" or "there's lots" 

Whilst my favourite song to listen to might change; so for example now it's My My My by Troye Sivan 

My all time favourite song is Take Shelter by Years and Years; 

Firstly, it's just a decent beat, decent lyrics and decent vocals. But the actual meaning of the song (or how I interpret it anyway) just resonates with me. 

Jan 15, 10:41AM EST0

Is the level of education you earned needed to render you an expert in this field?

Jan 12, 8:57AM EST0

Hey, I would say so. My BSc gave me an insight into business, marketing and the digital world. Whilst my MA gave me a better insight into the music industry. 

One of the major problems working in social media is that anyone can claim to be an "expert," I've worked with someone before who was terrible at it, yet claimed to be amazing at it. 

Having qualifications therefore is a great way to prove that you know what you're doing - however of course, putting it into practice is more important!

Jan 15, 10:33AM EST0

How can you earn fame from your talent? Do you have strategies in place?

Jan 12, 8:45AM EST0

Hey,  so, I'm not too sure to be honest, I assume you're talking about my songwriting? Currently it's only a hobby, this song was kinda a fluke I think haha. I think I would need to whone my skills more before I could take it seriously. 

Jan 15, 10:29AM EST0

Who is the greatest influence in your life? How has this person influenced your chosen career?

Jan 12, 5:04AM EST0

Hey, that's a tough question, a really tough question actually. Various people have influenced me at various points and for various reasons.  For example; my family for various obvious reasons, people i've worked with, my course mentor who i've known for 5 years (before uni)

However, If I was to pick out one person, it would be my good friend Sarah who I have known for around 10 years, starting from the age of 16 when you seriously start to think about your career. She is no-nonsense, has introduced me to alot of oppurtunities and has always encouraged me. 

Jan 15, 10:28AM EST0

What are your expectations for this song? Do you think the listeners would love it?

Jan 11, 6:55PM EST0

Hey, the song is with an indie label, we're not really about making lots of money out of it, especially as it's only been a hobby for me really. 

Another important part of it, is that it's letting me see the process from the musicans side and how that can change perspective. 

The main factor however, is that i'm proud of the song and want people to enjoy it. we've already had some great feedback from it!

You can check them out here: soundcloud.com/deepdowndirty-111649731/sets/you-got-me-ricky-scott-ft-john-emil-deepdowndirty

Jan 14, 2:19PM EST0

How long did it take you to finish your studies?

Jan 11, 4:10PM EST0

Hey, so my BSc took me 3 years full time, whilst my MA was 1 year full time. Inbetween those, I also did a Diploma which took 3 months. 

Jan 14, 2:13PM EST0

Are you also planning to collaborate with big names in the industry?

Jan 11, 2:53PM EST0

Hey, I currently don't have any further plans with my music, at the minute i'm just learning lots about this song and the process of marketing yourself really. I'd have a long way to go before I could be taken seriously. 

Jan 14, 2:12PM EST0

What's next for Ricky Scott?

Jan 11, 12:40PM EST0

Hey there,

That's certainly a massive question! I guess I have quite a few different objectives that I hope to meet!

1 - Grow 26degrees, gain more clients, particluarly I'd like to have a larger client. Also manage and launch a music event. 

2 - Learn more; Graphic design, keep furthering my digital skills - especially Adwords and SEO. There's even the possiblity of a doctorate. 

3 - I'm having alot of fun with "You Got Me," it's not too serious a project,, just hearing other people enjoy my song is great. I'd love to do it again. 

I'm sure there's alot more to!

Jan 14, 2:11PM EST0

What kind of services do you offer to your clients?

Jan 11, 10:52AM EST0

Hey, I offer a complete bespoke service, it completly depends on what the client needs. For example, it may just be giving them a little help with their social meda profiles, developing a strategy, helping them with paid social media or full social media management. 

I also offer a review service to help them look at where they're going wrong/ where they can improve. 

The changes to the Facebook algorithm are going to impact musicans greatly and as such I'm looking very closely at this right now

Jan 13, 10:02AM EST0

How many songs have you written since you first started?

Jan 11, 6:47AM EST0

Hey, so I currently have about 6 songs produced with various people singing, however apart from You Got Me, I wouldn't have said any were that good more just practice. 

In terms of what i've got written, it's around 120. It's always just been a hobby of mine to get my feelings out, words just tend to pop out of my head!

Who knows though - I may get more produced!

Jan 12, 3:52PM EST0

What is the inspiration for "You Got Me"? Is this about a girl?

Jan 11, 6:47AM EST0

Hey, so that's a great question! I actually wrote You Got Me over 3 years ago now. 

You can take a listen here: soundcloud.com/deepdowndirty-111649731/sets/you-got-me-ricky-scott-ft-john-emil-deepdowndirty 

I actually wrote it on several bits of scrap paper intially whilst at work about a colleague. 

The song is essentially about being so in love and infatuated about a person that they are all you can think about but too shy to say anything. 

With that, you just hope that they feel it back and take you

Jan 12, 3:49PM EST0

Have you performed for a crowd? How big is that crowd?

Jan 10, 11:23PM EST0

Hey, so I don't actually perform. I have however organised several gigs and events as well as a music video shoot

Jan 12, 3:45PM EST0

Who do you want to connect with from the music industry?

Jan 10, 8:08PM EST0

Hey, I wouldn't say that there was anyone in particular,  any connection is a useful one as long as that individual is honest, reliable and great to talk to. 

However, from a 26degrees point of  view, it's alot easier to connect with people with an interest in pop, indie and electronic music as these are passions. Whereas someone with an interest in rap for example would be more of a challenge. 

From a personal point of view, I would want to obviously connect with my favourite singers; Olly Alexander from Years & Years, Troye Sivan, Greyson Chance

Jan 12, 3:44PM EST1
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How do you want to promote this song?

Jan 10, 10:09AM EST0

Firstly you can hear the songs here: Although not officially released until Valentines Day


In terms of how I want to promote it, we have various methods.

- Through social media; on 26degrees, the record label and various other accounts. 

- Through online radio stations - we've already managed to to have the support for various ones for the different versions of the track

- Through blogging and taking part in awesome things such as this!

- Through sending the track to my various clients, online magazines/sites

Jan 12, 3:21PM EST0
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