DJ Buddy Holly AMA about Music Marketing.

David Charles Kramer
May 15, 2018

Ask DJ Buddy Holly anything about marketing music in the modern era!  DJ Buddy Holly (David Charles Kramer) has released music independently for almost two decades.  Ask DJ Buddy Holly how to promote your album or single through social media, networking, and playing concerts.  Learn how to become a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) musician and get your music heard!

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How relevant is the face to face approach to musical marketing?
May 21, 9:07AM EDT0

It's great to market and network in person.  I suggest always keeping a business card with you at gigs and when you go anywhere.  Face to face is so much more personable that marketing through email, social networking, or via phone calls.  

May 22, 12:18AM EDT0
How has the music industry changed especially for new acts coming to the market?
May 21, 3:27AM EDT0

Recording, distribution, and marketing in music is now affordable to most people since everything is now digital.  I have seen the music industry go from the cassette age to the CD age to the digital age.  For awhile, people were calling it "the new music business" and publishing all kinds of books on how to market music in the new business environment.  It seems now, and this may be because of where I live, that there is less of a presence of live shows going on.

May 22, 12:22AM EDT0
What all available routes to market do musicians have nowadays?
May 21, 1:56AM EDT0

The three main routes are the Internet, in-person, and via phone.  There are many websites available for artists to market effectively.  The main sites that I consider to be necessity sites for musicians are YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, FaceBook, Twitter, Gigmasters, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Reverbnation, and Blogger.  MixCloud is the ultimate site for DJs to post their mixes.  A good distributor is CD Baby, and the goal of getting distribution is to get music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and the rest of the present digital music stores.

May 22, 12:33AM EDT0
In recent years how do you see musicians demonstrating greater entrepreneurship?
May 21, 1:25AM EDT0
If you could collaborate with any musician dead or alive, who would it be?
May 18, 10:10AM EDT0

Paul McCartney

May 18, 10:34AM EDT0
What benefit do musicians get out of releasing vinyl copies of their records even new ones that just came out?
May 18, 8:37AM EDT0

If a musician is pressing extra records, I suggest using them for promotional purposes.

May 18, 10:42AM EDT0
What are the basic equipment one must have if he wants to build a home studio?
May 17, 12:52PM EDT0

Someone building a home studio needs a computer, audio interface, mics, a good program such as ProTools, and good plug-ins for digital effects.

May 18, 11:13AM EDT0
What’s a no-budget but effective way to promote music?
May 17, 11:55AM EDT0

A no budget marketing campaign is difficult, but it can be done.  I suggest marketing and networking on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Reverbnation.  

May 18, 10:37AM EDT0
If video killed the radio star back in the early 80’s, what has the Internet killed today?
May 17, 6:25AM EDT0

The gatekeepers from the prehistoric age of cassettes and CDs.  Well, most of them have been weeded out of the industry anyways.  I think the Internet really demonstrated the survival of the fittest in the music industry, and the people left over have a true passion for the arts.

May 17, 11:13AM EDT0

What would you do if you come across a woman whose real name is Peggy Sue? LOL. Just playing! But do you always get asked a lot if your name is based off the artist name of Charles Hardin Holley, the original Buddy Holly? Oh hey, you both have Charles in your real name. Would you consider him one of your favorite artists of all time?

May 17, 4:11AM EDT0

I actually had a client named Connie Francis once.  Everyone just calls me Buddy Holly when I go to my gigs, and most people don't bother asking about the David Charles and Charles Hardin similarities.  I thought nobody noticed! LMFAO When people call me Buddy Holly, I just say, "Call me Dave." Then I explain that my dad thought of the name, then I usually change the subject.

Buddy Holly and Kurt Cobain are the two biggest innovators of rock music of all-time.  I'm not talking about just America, I'm talking about the best ever in the world.  I've been inspired so much by Holly and Cobain that I wrote a science fiction novel featuring the 50's classics and the 90's classics.  It's called DJ Holy Body's Blog and is free to read at  Let me know what you think!

May 17, 11:27AM EDT1
If one is serious about making music, is it best to just build a home studio rather than renting for hours each time?
May 16, 5:46PM EDT0

As long as the artist is a producer or works with a producer on a consistent basis, then it’s great to have a home studio.  Choosing to build a home studio or rent studio time really differs with everybody.  Sometimes it’s better for a band that is used to only playing live to just rent studio time.  That way the group can get an album recorded, mixed, and mastered while focusing on being performers.  I still enjoy working in other studios, although I can always record at home. 

May 16, 9:13PM EDT0
How do you make time for all the things you do from music to acting to sports, etc.?
May 16, 1:04PM EDT0

I'm also working towards a Doctorate of Business Administration at Walden University, so yes, I'M BUSY A LOT.  I try to organize my time effectively.  I've been putting in a lot of guitar work lately, so instead of going to the kickboxing gym, I have just been working out at my house.  I always make sure to put music and school first.  There are not as many opportunities in acting where I live now in comparison to LA, where I was working on movie sets practically every single day.  Sometimes I end up focusing on specific things in music such as guitar practicing or DJ practicing or singing.  Then I'll go through phases that last months or years and eventually it all just adds to my expertise in music.

May 16, 1:16PM EDT0
How do you use social media as an artist to promote your music? What social media networks are best for marketing? Which one is the best for networking?
May 16, 9:26AM EDT0

The necessity social media networking sites for indie musicians are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, and Blogger.  There are tons more also.  I love LinkedIn and Alignable for networking.  Although Gigmasters is a booking agency and not a social media site, I also want to make sure to let indie musicians know that is an awesome way to get shows!

May 16, 12:49PM EDT0
What are the benefits of staying indie as a musician nowadays?
May 16, 4:36AM EDT0

Indie musicians get to be their own boss.  It's really awesome.  The thing that artists need to think about is if they can make as much money staying indie as they can signing with a big label.  I would never tell anybody not to sign with a record label.  Best piece of music advice I ever received was this; part of something is better than all of nothing.

May 16, 11:37AM EDT0
Who would you consider is the best musician of all time?
May 16, 12:08AM EDT0

Kurt Cobain is the BEST, the BEST there is!.....or was anyway lol (sorry, inside joke from the movie Kickboxer)

May 16, 11:39AM EDT0
What’s a good music app that one can start with when practicing how to make beats?
May 15, 8:57PM EDT0

I recommend using Ableton Live on a Mac or PC.  It's great because you can record live audio and it comes with tons of amazing synths.

May 15, 11:25PM EDT0
What kinds of music do you like listening to?
May 15, 7:39PM EDT0

Hip hop, rock music, and electronic music.

May 15, 10:43PM EDT0
What is the best way for an independent artist to promote and advertise her/his music?
May 15, 4:10PM EDT0

My suggestion is to start with a good distributor.  I highly recommend CD Baby for releasing tracks.  That way all of the artist's songs are in all of the digital stores.  Then the idea is to play as many shows as possible while marketing using social networking platforms.  Find a good song and make it a single.  Record a music video for the single and keep writing songs.  Make more singles and record more. The idea is to get momentum and ultimately make a living.  As cool as it is to have 'likes' online, cash in the bank from performing and recording music is so much cooler.

May 15, 4:46PM EDT0
What would be the major reasons to go into a professional studio over a home-recording set-up?
May 15, 2:02PM EDT0

Well, that depends on the artist.  For me, I go into the studio or hire sound engineers when I want to focus on being a performer and not have to think about production and audio engineering.  Sometimes I will go into the studio because I want to rent their space, microphones, plus use the sound engineer on staff.  I've also rented studio time because they were running a Pro Tools TDM system, and I've hired sound engineers for album mastering as well.

The various recording studios out there all have different specialties.  An appealing aspect of music studios is when they offer various equipment such as guitar collections, in-house vintage synths, and microphones that are made available to musicians during recording sessions.

May 15, 4:16PM EDT0
How can an artist identify his audience?
May 15, 8:59AM EDT0

It all starts with a hypothesis.  Artists need to hypothesize on who their targeted demographics should be, and then start playing shows and promoting as much as possible.  As artists develop their sound and persona, they can further analyze who is hiring them and for what style of music.  Based on experience and trying various marketing practices, artists can target marketing towards the demographic who is most likely to purchase their music and pay to see them perform.

May 15, 4:55PM EDT0
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