I'm Pyro Mayfield and I'm on my Wooo Like Ric Flair $%#!! AMA

Pyro Mayfield
Jan 12, 2018

My AMA page is full of Hip Hop music with no particular genre jus good soulful, street, and real music! My mixtape drops jan 28, 2018 on @livemixtapes, I did this whole project in my apartment. I recorded it, I mixed/mastered it, made the mixtape cover and I placed it on all platforms for 99cents. I've done plenty of performances,Ii do at least 3 a month and that's the least. I've done A3C shows, I've open up for a few rappers, in fact I open up for lil scrappy feb 3 in Arkansas. I'm just trying to turn my dreams into reality. I'm praying that with my good music and hard work it'll pay off one day but until then the grind continues so I'm signing up for AMA! 

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How much does it cost to book The Soul Jam?

Jan 17, 6:08AM EST0

How can I determine good hip-hop song from bad ones?

Jan 16, 5:25AM EST0

How far has the artists raised awareness of the situation in urban communities?

Jan 13, 3:08PM EST0

Is it possible to obtain only the spoken audio of your videos?

Jan 13, 12:55PM EST0

What is the impact of the internet on this kind of song?

Jan 13, 12:54PM EST0

Where can someone download Fearless soul music?

Jan 13, 12:26PM EST0

How does this song address sexuality and gender?

Jan 12, 10:38PM EST0

Explain the “truth” in Hip Hop.

Jan 12, 4:15PM EST0

How could you define hip-hop culture from our own passion?

Jan 12, 1:53PM EST0

As far as rap lyrics go, where can I draw the line?

Jan 12, 11:31AM EST0

What can you say about the notion that hip-hop is evil? If yes, how therefore could you change this way of thinking?

Jan 12, 9:04AM EST0

What is the relationship between Hip Hip and other art forms like graffiti, theatre, dance and so on?

Jan 12, 8:47AM EST0

Am I allowed to use your music for a commercial project?

Jan 12, 5:21AM EST0

What are the economic and social realities that face the performers of this generation?

Jan 12, 5:04AM EST0

What is the difference between hip-hop and rap?

Jan 11, 7:20PM EST0

Do you think arts can change the world?

Jan 11, 4:36PM EST0

Can we consider Hip Hop as a “Black thing?” If not, why?

Jan 11, 2:55PM EST0

My boys don’t listen to hip-hop artists so what will they miss?

Jan 11, 10:53AM EST0

What are the reasons as to why Hip Hop has grown to become a significant part of the culture?

Jan 11, 6:53AM EST0

Can someone use your music on his youtube video?

Jan 11, 6:49AM EST0
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