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Jazmine Valencia
Feb 13, 2018

My career started when I applied for an internship in NYC. I was fortunate enough to be hired by Island Def Jam as a summer intern and that turned into a full-time job. It then turned into my career as a digital marketer.  I spent amazing years working with the best artists in the industry, learning how to develop an unknown artist, and work with the biggest superstars. I get to work with all kinds of artists, at all levels of their careers, which is in itself fascinating.  I feel very fortunate that I can utilize my love for music and pair it with my passion for creativity and allows me to be an innovator in the music sphere in my firm, JV Agency.

I want to take the chance to give back by answering some questions on this thread. I am looking forward to reading them!


Jazmine Valencia

CEO of JV Agency (www.jv.agency)

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What are some of the challenges that only faced by entrepreneurs in the music industry and not in the tech industry?

Feb 17, 11:56PM EST0

What's your assessment of where "jv.agency" stands today? From your vantage point, what changes do you want to see and what's going right for the agency?

Feb 17, 9:51PM EST0

Describe few specific accomplishments that you are really proud of over your career as a music entrepreneur?

Feb 16, 5:25PM EST0

How do plan to bring more innovation to your agency? What are your focus points for 2018?

Feb 16, 4:55AM EST0

Do you play any instrument?

Feb 13, 10:38AM EST0

I unfortunately don't play any instruments, I do DJ though :) 

Feb 14, 3:05PM EST0

How do music entrepreneurs in media validate their product before going to market?

Feb 13, 10:15AM EST0

By doing focus groups, A/B testing depends on the product to be more specific. Feel free to reach out with more details.

Feb 14, 6:45PM EST0

Jazmine, I am an artist (www.tayamarquis.com) and songwriter. 

When we think Rihanna, her sound, branding and image pops into everyone's minds the same. Same with Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez.

I want that as an artist, a very distinct voice and I'm not sure how to find it. I know it has to come from me but I'm so versatile as a person so I'm not sure where to start.

Thank you,

Taya Marquis

Feb 13, 7:50AM EST0

Hi Taya,

The key is to always be true to yourself and what you believe in.  You can't have someone come in and change your values just to be famous, that's when things don't work out.  I would say since you are starting this is the perfect time to experiment and see what works and what feels right for you.  Feel free to DM me @DJJazzy with any questions.

Feb 14, 3:46PM EST0

This makes sense. Thanks Jazmine! I will follow you now on Twitter and Instagram.

Feb 14, 4:10PM EST1

What according to you is the best music for increasing an entrepreneur's productivity?

Feb 13, 12:46AM EST0

It depends on the task that you are trying to accomplish in my opinion.  I'd like to start the day listening to a motivational speech or a podcast of a CEO or founder I admire.  I'm a big fan of NPR's how I built this.  During the day I'd like to listen to new music (on Friday's I listen to every single song that comes out).  Also, I'd like to mix it up with some pop hits that you can put on the background and focus. When is late at night and you are trying to stay awake and really focus, I would go for some deep house.    You can follow my spotify here for specific music: open.spotify.com/user/vjazmine?si=UgjlPv3VSg2uZ1xKDIyIPw

Feb 14, 3:07PM EST0

What would be a good area for a musically inclined entrepreneur to go into?

Feb 12, 1:00PM EST0

This is hard to say, what do you mean by "musically" inclined? Feel free to DM me @DJJazzy and we can chat more.

Feb 14, 3:37PM EST0

As a young musician who is still in high school, how do I get myself going in music as a singer/songwriter? Cause I want to be a musician but being young I don’t know if I’ll have enough opportunity to get out there.

Feb 12, 6:11AM EST0

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  That is key in being a good singer/songwriter.  Do this every second that you are not eating or sleeping. It's 2018, there is a ton of opportunity, all you need is to be resilient and follow your gut!  

Feb 14, 3:47PM EST0

Does fame change people? To the better or worse? Or does it reveal who they were to begin with?

Feb 10, 9:03AM EST0

It can if the artist doesn't have a good team around them to keep them grounded. 

Feb 14, 6:54PM EST0

How do you pick the artists you work with? Have you ever declined to work with someone? Why if so?

Feb 10, 7:23AM EST0

All the artists I've worked with has been by referrals, I'm lucky that this is the case. I work with artists that I believe in and that I'm passionate about.  Unfortunately, I have had to decline artists in the past either because of timing or our views didn't align toward the end goal. 

Feb 14, 3:31PM EST0

Isn’t it hard to work with new artists since they don’t have hight budgets?

Feb 10, 6:14AM EST0

It's more challenging, but it also allows you to be more creative because you don't have an unlimited bank account so you learn to be more scrappy and make every dollar count.  Some of my favorite and most successful marketing campaigns have cost very little money! 

Feb 14, 3:38PM EST0

What did you want to be as a kid? Are you close to it now?

Feb 9, 11:50AM EST0

Funny enough, I thought I would be a lawyer, things change I guess ;) 

Feb 14, 3:34PM EST0

So is this what makes you truly happy? 

Feb 16, 8:34AM EST0

With the massive amount of music available online today do you think fans have a harder time establishing a rapport with an artist and if so how do you address this?

Feb 9, 10:40AM EST0

Do you play an instrument or sing yourself? Have you ever dreamt of a career as a musician?

Feb 9, 6:26AM EST0

I don't. I do DJ which is as close as I'll get as a career as a musician :) There are way more talented people out there! 

Feb 14, 3:48PM EST0

Have you told people they are not talented or you encourage them anyway?

Feb 9, 3:21AM EST0

I always encourage everyone to follow their dreams. Because of the internet today, I think you can always find a fan base so you shouldn't give up just because someone doesn't like what you are doing.  Most of the great artists we love today were told at some point that they weren't talented and to give up.  Imagine a life without Bob Dylan?? 

Feb 14, 3:51PM EST0

What are the mistakes most artists make at the start of their career?

Feb 8, 4:59PM EST0

One of the biggest mistakes I see is not being a team player, when you are starting you shouldn't be a diva, you should be gracious and appreciative of every opportunity. Unfortunately, some artists don't do this and this can harm their careers. 

Feb 14, 3:35PM EST0

Is it hard to be objective in your job? How can you tell talent even if it doesn’t match your personal taste for visual/music/style?

Feb 8, 2:50PM EST0

I appreciate talent no matter what genre/style they are. Just because it's not my personal preference doesn't mean they aren't talented.  I try to be as objective as possible which sounds difficult since music, in general, is subjective.  I always work with talent and their vision - if I happen to disagree I lay out my reasons and it's up to the artist to make the ultimate decision and they usually take my advice, and thus far that's worked great for everyone! :) 

Feb 14, 4:50PM EST0

What is the most successful channel to market artists nowadays?

Feb 8, 6:46AM EST0

It depends on their demographic, message and everyday there is a new different platform with a fanbase. Every artist is different, however Instagram has been really great to up and coming artists these past few months. 

Feb 14, 3:53PM EST1
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