Music has always been my passion and I used to be in a band before. By playing, it somehow helped me financially to pay for my fees at the University until I graduated. My dad always despised me and my music saying it's a hindrance in my studies but I proved him wrong, big time! :) Ask Me Anything!

Apple Oruded
Jun 6, 2017

Isn't it amazing that the thing you love and enjoy doing the most can be beneficial at the same time? Well for me it is indeed. I'm talking about when I was in a band before, during my high school and college days I was earning money from just playing. We joined several battle of the bands competitions and actually won, we get invited to play in a gig, event and shows, it was fun. We weren't a show band whatsoever, we're just an amatuer average young adults/youngsters then who love music and expressing our passion through playing as a band. We did not expect to earn money from it at all but during that time it was actually helpful in a sense it somehow helped me to get my tuition and other fees at the Uni paid without relying on my parents for it. They kept putting me off especially my Dad about music, saying stuff like it won't get me anywhere in life but I just ignored and didn't listen but the outcome was worth it, I managed to finish my studies with hardly any financial/moral help nor support from them. And that's one thing I was proud of. So Ask Away! Ask Me Anything!

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Hi Apple, What Genre do you play and who were your biggest musical influences?

Jun 5, 3:19PM EDT0

Hi Kuya! Kumusta? Basically heavy metal. I must say my musical influences are Jemi Hendrix, Slayer, Dimebag Darell, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Kirk Hammet, Deftones, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Opeth. I grew up listening to these bands and got inspired, started playing guitar at the age of 13. Our genre was alternative metal, melodic death metal and experimental rock. 

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Jun 5, 4:01PM EDT1

What was the name of the band you were in?

Jun 5, 2:00AM EDT0

Hello Justin! I played with 5 different bands before but the name of the first band I joined was Elements of Silence. It was a trash metal band. :) and the band that I was with for 4 years until I graduated was Card Castle. Our genre was Alternative, melodic death metal and Experimental rock. :)

Jun 6, 7:14AM EDT0

Do you still speak with your father often?

Jun 4, 11:36PM EDT0

Hi there! Unfortunately no as he has passed away a couple of years ago. I didvisit him often while I was still back in my country and speak to him as if he's still around. 

Jun 5, 9:36AM EDT0

Did you play more or less music while at university?

Jun 4, 8:00PM EDT0

Hi Ryan! Id say more :) but trust, it wasn't that easy knowing you have to do your studies at the same time but worth it no regrets. :) 

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Jun 5, 9:38AM EDT0

Are you interested in making money teaching music?

Jun 4, 5:36PM EDT0

Hi Kenneth! Yes definitely. I've done it before and I don't mind doing it again. :

Jun 5, 9:31AM EDT0
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Have you been in more than one band?

Jun 4, 12:43AM EDT0

Hi Melissa! Yeah I've playedwith 5 different bands before. :) 

Jun 5, 9:30AM EDT0

Who are some artists you look up to for inspiration?

Jun 3, 12:01PM EDT0

Hi Avelez! Heavy metal music has what gotten me into playing guitar and the band that have influenced me are Megadeth, Deftone, Slayer, Lamb of God and Alice In Chains. I look up to Jemi Hendrix, Randy Rhoads, Dimebag Darell Kirk Hammett as my inspiration. :

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Jun 3, 3:52PM EDT0
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Where do you see yourself with your music five years from now?

Jun 3, 5:39AM EDT0

Hi Manuel! Well I will still beplaying but joining in a band international. :) 

Jun 3, 3:59PM EDT0

Are you still friends with members from the original band?

Jun 2, 3:39PM EDT0

Hi Jared! Ofcourse we are still friends. We still get in touch every now and then. :)

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Jun 3, 3:10AM EDT0

Oh that's cool. Not everybody can still be friends 

Jun 7, 11:22PM EDT1

How old were you when you joined your first band?

Jun 2, 7:47AM EDT0

Hi Daniel! I was 15. :)

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Jun 2, 1:22PM EDT0
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Did you ever get in any major fights with any of the band members?

Jun 1, 5:45AM EDT0

Hi there! Yes a few times. We were all a pain in the a** then lol there's always misunderstandings.

Jun 1, 8:07AM EDT0

Do you enjoy performing at live shows?

Jun 1, 5:20AM EDT0

Yes absolutely. I love it. I express myself and feel happy by playing and I've always been grateful to the people who appreciate what we do. Just a nice feeling! :)

Jun 1, 8:05AM EDT0
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Have you ever recorded and sold an album?

Jun 1, 12:37AM EDT0

Ahh how I wish! but no we haven't.

Jun 1, 8:02AM EDT0

What's the main obstacle?

Jun 8, 12:45PM EDT0

Did your parents help pay for university at all?

May 31, 11:18PM EDT0

Hi Joshua! Yes during my first 2 years in college yeah they were helping me out but not all the fees though as I was a working student they just paid half of my tuition fee. Since 2nd semister I think of my sophomore year until I graduated I did not ask for financial from them anymore coz they just rub it in my face saying stuff this and that, it does my head in so I thought well I'd shoulder it on my own, at least when I screw up I'd be the only person who's responsible and no one will have a go at me.  that was my thinking. haha

Jun 1, 8:00AM EDT0

Do you know how to play more than one instrument?

May 31, 8:01PM EDT0

Yes sir :)

Jun 1, 7:51AM EDT0
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Do you plan to get a full time job using your degree?

May 31, 2:38PM EDT0

Hi Shiela! Yes ofcourse. I have used what I studied and got a job related in the field of the course/degree I took. :)

Jun 1, 7:51AM EDT0

Do you have any regrets with regards to not pursuing music over going to university?

May 31, 12:39PM EDT0

Hi there Brandon! Thanks for your question. Well I do not have any regrets whatsoever. Yes music and playing is my passion but education is way important than my personal interest. I tried my very best then to do both at the same time which I somehow managed alright yeah but it was stressful too it wasn't really a clever idea lol but still no regrets :)

May 31, 2:06PM EDT0

Are you interested in music theory and composition?

May 31, 4:31AM EDT0

Hi Susan! Yes I definitely am :) I've written a couple of compositions (songs) before and exploring and experimenting our ideas in creating a sound, rhythm, beats and riffs altogether has always been fun, good stuff and usually the finish product was wicked.

May 31, 2:01PM EDT0

How much money have you spent on music equipment?

May 31, 4:07AM EDT0

Hi Catherine! I had spent roughly around $200 on equipments, such as guitars and gadget.

May 31, 6:41AM EDT0
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What did your mom think of your music?

May 31, 2:57AM EDT0

Hi there! She found it loud, noisy and evil. lol but she wasn't really against what I was doing, only my dad always put me off.

Jun 1, 8:14AM EDT0
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