Music is my life, and I know if we work together we can make a huge difference - Both musically and Socially...ya'll can ask me anything...#AMA!

Lucky Tshabalala
Apr 15, 2018

Hi my name is Lucky Isaac Tshabalala, best known by my stage name 'DIRECTION' founder of AEC-E [Abasement Earthlings Cabinet Entertainment] from Johannesburg South Africa... I am a hip hop record producer, focused mainly on trap music and some old-school kinda stuff... A hard working gentleman always in studio, cooking some good stuff... You can ask me anything concerning Music...#AMA!

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Why is Johannesburg considered to be the focus of concerts for international bands and singers?
Apr 22, 11:14AM EDT0
How can one achieve financial security with regards to their music career?
Apr 22, 9:48AM EDT0
What methods can one use to transform everyday fans into fanatics?
Apr 22, 2:53AM EDT0
Who are your top 5 rappers and top 5 producers, dead or alive and why?
Apr 19, 11:29PM EDT0
Who are some of the people you have worked with? Any recent projects undertaken?
Apr 19, 12:44PM EDT0
What do you think it takes for an independent hip-hop artist to become successful in this era?
Apr 19, 1:29AM EDT0
What are some moves that you're making for yourself and your solo projects?
Apr 18, 8:58PM EDT0
What mistakes did you make in the early stages of music production career that you try to avoid today?
Apr 18, 1:06PM EDT0
Have you won any awards for your work? Is that something that matters to you?
Apr 18, 2:59AM EDT0

Am not really concerned about winning awards,am doing this with love but if the chance comes I'll be delighted to win some...

Apr 18, 4:36AM EDT0
When was the moment you knew music was your calling?
Apr 16, 9:52PM EDT0

It consumed must of my time and I couldn't survive a day without doing something I knew then... 

Apr 17, 4:31AM EDT0
How has music production changed with the evolution of technology?
Apr 16, 12:49PM EDT0

everything is simple now as long as you have a computer,then that is all you need for you to produce music,it's no longer that necesary for one to buy musical instruments to start producing...

Apr 17, 4:29AM EDT0
Did you go to college? What did you major in?
Apr 16, 12:34PM EDT0

I haven't yet,but I'm planning to do so soon...

Apr 17, 4:27AM EDT0
Who are some of the great music producers who have had a big influence in your career?
Apr 16, 10:19AM EDT0

1 guy has had an influence in my musical career...Dr.DRE

Apr 17, 4:32AM EDT0
You said you worked mainly on hip-hop and trap music. Do you make exceptions for other genres of music?
Apr 16, 8:00AM EDT0

Oh yes I also produce POP...

Apr 17, 4:26AM EDT0
What is the music scene like in South Africa?
Apr 16, 6:38AM EDT0

It is prograsive,we are growing every day and learning new things...and I think we are to take the world by storm very soon...

Apr 17, 4:25AM EDT0
Who are some of the artists you've worked with? Who do you want to work with in the future?
Apr 16, 1:58AM EDT0

I haven't worked with many artists yet,only some local guys...

and in the future?...mmh Big Sean,J-cole,John Newman and Dr.DRE... 

Apr 16, 5:55AM EDT0
What is the recipe for a hit song?
Apr 15, 7:07PM EDT0

something that everyone can relate to and is mostly enjoyable...

something with a positive energy to it...

Apr 16, 5:49AM EDT0
For those who are unaware, can you explain a bit about what trap music is all about and how it differs from hip-hop?
Apr 15, 4:38PM EDT0

I love this question because we have been dibating about that issue...

trap is all about drugs,money,girls and parties. 90% of trap music is all about boasting and showing of... But if you listen to hip hop you might find some deep relevent stuff that can motivate you most of the time,hip hop addresses real life situations..

Apr 16, 5:53AM EDT0
What old school stuff do you work on?
Apr 15, 12:41PM EDT0

I make chypher type beats with hard-core gansta rap intrumentals... 

Apr 16, 5:47AM EDT0
Is the road to being an established music producer difficult? How so?
Apr 15, 12:38PM EDT0

I Can't really say it's difficult, but it's time consuming,you'll need patience,focus and have to know who you  are and always be positive...

all you got to do is focus all your energy on doing what you love and you'll be great...

Apr 16, 6:00AM EDT0
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