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Darko Todorovski
Apr 15, 2018

VOXPOPARTS is founded in Macedonia by Darko Tiodor Todorovski for all creative groups of people related to each other through persistent relations, with same cultural expectations. Exploring the essence of the existence, "VOXPOPARTS" stands for the art, because the role of art is to unite, to build and intesify the unity of creative societies, recompensing the human relations, including all the life powers. The esthetic role of "VOXPOPARTS" is to produce essential treatment for artistic cooperation. The creation of "VOXPOPARTS" comes from the big need for creative expression of the ideas, toughts, feelings and also the need for connection with the world through an artistic form of communication, such as: • music • visual arts • performing & literature arts "Communication 4 Creative Interaction"


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How did you decide you wanted to start your own music label?
Apr 21, 12:12PM EDT0
Have you ever thought about selling your label to a bigger company and be part of their brand? Why?
Apr 21, 11:33AM EDT0
What is the best part about your job?
Apr 20, 1:38PM EDT0
Are you involved in the music production aspect of the label or just the managment one?
Apr 20, 12:56PM EDT0
Do you think that an idea in pop art—whether it be 'interaction' or the use of commercial art—gets progressively less powerful with time?
Apr 18, 2:56AM EDT0

The best thing about my job is the creation, the connectivity with the people who listen to my music, the dance which is created in peoples mind and bodies.

Apr 20, 2:02PM EDT0
Are there any particular bands or nights that linger especially fondly in your memory?
Apr 16, 10:43PM EDT0
Is there any particular artist you look forward to work in future?
Apr 16, 1:12PM EDT0
What goes into the process of signing a new artist?
Apr 16, 12:08PM EDT0
Who are some of your highest earning artists?
Apr 16, 10:24AM EDT0

Cool question

Apr 17, 5:31AM EDT0
What is it about the celebrity culture that you find interesting?
Apr 16, 10:20AM EDT0


Apr 17, 5:31AM EDT0
Are you an artist yourself? Have you released your own music?
Apr 15, 8:26PM EDT0

Yes i have

Apr 17, 5:30AM EDT0
What kind of artists are you looking to sign?
Apr 15, 4:23PM EDT0

Creative ones

Apr 17, 5:30AM EDT0
Does your label have any tours coming up for your artists for people to see them live?
Apr 15, 12:53PM EDT0

Some of the artists yes

Apr 17, 5:30AM EDT0
Do you think music labels will one day become obsolete with the widespread of music sharing sites and apps?
Apr 15, 5:50AM EDT0

There is a chance that to happen because of the hyper production, but good music will always stay that and time will came when only true fans would collect the true music

Apr 15, 7:53AM EDT0
How many people are currently working at your label? Would you say you are a large music label?
Apr 15, 5:21AM EDT0

We are indipendent label with 5 constant people who take care of it always, but we collab with lot outside agencies and companies that got many employees

Apr 15, 7:50AM EDT0
How many artists have your label signed so far? Do you have a target number of artists to sign per year?
Apr 15, 12:03AM EDT0

We got more than twenty artists from all around the globe and we don't have that kind of targets per year.

Apr 15, 7:48AM EDT0
On your beatport account you have only artists DJing and producing mixes, is that the only type of music you produce?
Apr 14, 6:47PM EDT0

I guess you open wrong link, this is our label account on beatport:

Apr 15, 7:45AM EDT0
What do music label executives look for when they're considering signing a new artist?
Apr 14, 3:54PM EDT0

The music man

Apr 15, 7:43AM EDT0
How long ago did you start your label? What has been the biggest challenges in doing so?
Apr 14, 12:25PM EDT0

I started officially in 2007/8. Biggest challenge is to find something new.

Apr 14, 12:45PM EDT0
Have you ever had to deal with artists that can be described as divas? How did you handle them?
Apr 14, 5:56AM EDT0

Yes, rarely. If they are divas they would be part of our label, our energy is different.

Apr 14, 12:44PM EDT0
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