My name is Jordan Pettay. I'm a NYC Jazz Saxophonist/Juilliard Grad/Christian Artist promoting my debut album "First Fruit". AMA!

Jordan Pettay
Nov 8, 2017

I'm a freelance jazz saxophonist, composer and educator living in NYC for the past 8 years and I'm currently running a Kickstarter Campaign to fund my debut album, "First Fruit".

First Fruit is a musical melding of my life, faith and artistic influences which span jazz, gospel and R&B. It is also my personal response to God’s call “You shall bring the very first of the fruits of your soil into the house of the LORD your God.” Exodus 23:19.

My mission is to uplift listeners, and create an atmosphere for them to connect with God and experience His presence. I have selected, arranged and recorded several classic hymns, Christian songs and original music which aim to evoke this spiritual connection.

To support "First Fruit" and find out more, visit my Kickstarter Page: http://kck.st/2iw64mN

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Jordan Pettay says:

This AMA will end Nov 15, 2017 1PM EST

Jordan Pettay says:

This AMA will end Nov 19, 2017 1PM EST

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OK, I'm ready to play. What's the first step?

Nov 9, 1:33PM EST0

sometimes you feel that things are not working well do you feel like moving to secular 

Nov 9, 6:08AM EST0

Do you have a music video in youtube?

Nov 9, 5:48AM EST0

Hi James,

Check out my cover of You Make Me Feel Brand New by the Stylistics!

Nov 9, 11:57AM EST0

Perfect! Thanks.

Nov 9, 8:16PM EST0

What motivated you to pursue this kind of project and how can you qualify your success in this relation?

Nov 8, 3:53AM EST0

I'm 32 and Saxophone has been my first passion. Is there a way I can still learn? Am I not too old? If I need to contact you, how do I reach you via email? 

Nov 8, 12:03AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 7, 7:57PM EST0

How do I find time to play the saxaphone?

Nov 7, 3:28PM EST0

How do I find time to play the saxaphone?

Nov 7, 3:28PM EST0

Am I too old to learn?

Nov 7, 11:31AM EST0

No one is ever too old to learn an instrument!  You can reap the benefits of learning and playing an instrument at any age. Check out this cool video that explains what happens in the brain when you play music! 


Nov 7, 2:56PM EST0

Have you always been Cristian?

Nov 7, 9:13AM EST0

Hi Melodyama,

Thanks for your question! I grew up going to church with my family and considered myself a "Christian" but it didn't become real for me until the summer before I moved to NYC for college.  I was attending a youth conference at my church that my mom had forced me to go to. At the conference I realized my need for God and the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us by dying in our place so that we could be perfectly loved and accepted by God. It was there that I fully gave my life to God and for the first time ever I experienced an overwhelming peace, joy and love that I had never felt before! From that point on my life was different and I live my life from a completely different perspective and purpose. Christ gives me an identity and meaning in life that music alone cannot give. This is album is really just a musical and artistic manifestation of what God's role is in my life and the motivation behind it is all gratitude and love!! Thanks again for your question!

Nov 7, 3:11PM EST0

What exactly is your album about music?

Nov 7, 8:49AM EST0

What are your thoughts about modern pop music?

Nov 7, 8:29AM EST0


Thanks for your question! I'm afraid I'm about to become a bit of a cynical musician for this question. I would have to say first of all, I'm pretty out of touch with most current popular music, but that's mostly because what I have heard, I do not like and therefore have not spent much energy exploring it at length. I think the quality of music over the years has significantly dropped as the "business" side of things has really taken control and tends to focus on producing a "product" more than something of more substance. As a result, the musicality goes down and most things have become pretty "beat" oriented. For me as a jazz musician, I live and thrive on sophisticated harmony and rhythm. Not all, but a lot of current "popular" music out there seems to lack these things in my personal opinion. On the other hand, I really cannot get enough of classic R&B and other music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, even some 90s stuff I love! 

Nov 7, 3:21PM EST0

What inspired you to make an album?

Nov 7, 8:23AM EST0

How long have you been creating music?

Nov 7, 7:28AM EST0

Do you have favorite music band?

Nov 7, 7:21AM EST0

What’s the most common beginner’s pitfall?

Nov 7, 7:18AM EST0

What’s the difference between a large saxophone and a small one?

Nov 7, 5:24AM EST0

Do I need other equipment to get started?

Nov 7, 1:35AM EST0

What do you want to achieve in the music business?

Nov 7, 1:02AM EST0

What inspired you to make your album?

Nov 7, 1:00AM EST0

How are you going to promote your music?

Nov 7, 12:34AM EST0

Hi Brittany,

Thanks for your question. As of now I'm soley promoting my music by myself through social media platforms and performances. After I complete my debut album, my plan is to hire a publicist(s) to send my music to radio stations and to get reviews in music magazines or online places. 

Nov 8, 1:37PM EST0

Why did you choose Saxophone as your instrument?

Nov 6, 9:13PM EST0

Hi Joseph, I chose the saxophone because I was always drawn to the sound it produced. It always sounded so expressive and voice-like to me! There's also such a wide range of sound the saxophone can produce. On the one hand it can sound so sweet and sultry, but then can also be very boisterous and expressive. It creates a wide palette range of sounds to choose from!

Check out the legendary Johnny Hodges demonstrating a sweet and sultry sound here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxYj6SCKXos

And here's Johnny Griffin and Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis demonstrating a more boisterous approach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GItirP5kzls

Last edited @ Nov 6, 9:55PM EST.
Nov 6, 9:25PM EST0

What are the notes on a saxophone?

Nov 6, 8:37PM EST0

Hi Rebekah, the saxophone might look much more involved than it actually is because of all the keys it appears to have. But most of that stuff you see on the saxophone is just mechanisms that open and close the keys. Here's a fingering chart so you can see the breakdown 

Nov 6, 9:33PM EST0

What kind of audience do you wish to appeal to?

Nov 6, 4:30PM EST0

Hi Hanah, that's a great question. I'm trying to appeal to jazz audiences, gospel/christian audiences and even christian audiences who may not know they have an appreciation for jazz yet. In my mind it's all connected because jazz, gospel, and R&B all come from the same place, having roots in the church. Thanks for your question! 

Nov 6, 9:20PM EST0
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