My Name Is Martyn and I Am An Aspiring Composer and A Musician. Ask Me Anything

Martynas Laurinavičius
Jul 4, 2017

My musical journey began 3 years ago, a year ago I started my youtube channel and about a week from today I launched my debut Album Crowdfunding Campaign.

VISION - Debut Cinematic, Instrumental Album

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Have any of your fans formed a fan club?

Jul 3, 7:58PM EDT1

Haha, Yes, IT's a small group but they call it 'The Sand Lovers' 

Jul 4, 4:47AM EDT57
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What are your tips for creating a music video on a budget?

Jul 3, 7:01PM EDT1

Just do it yourself! If you are new video production there are plenty tutorials online and google is always your friend - other option could be fiverr!

Jul 4, 4:49AM EDT43
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How do you decide the track order on an album?

Jul 3, 12:15PM EDT0

I guess you keep in mind the theme of the album and you want to imagine yourself from a listener's perspective, try to make the transition smooth and create a story alltogether

Jul 4, 4:52AM EDT0

What kind of movie would you like to score?

Jul 3, 12:02PM EDT0

I would love to score for an adventure, journey type of movie ('lotr' is one of the reasons I started composing!

Jul 4, 4:54AM EDT48

God, that's one of my favourite movie sagas!!! I especially like the photography, score and atmosphere in the first movie!

Jul 6, 4:09AM EDT19

How would you compare performing in the studio versus performing live?

Jul 3, 11:44AM EDT22

In Studio It's way more precise and accurate, technical, live performance is way more exhilarating, exciting 

Jul 4, 4:56AM EDT46
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Have you been affected by the music piracy trend?

Jul 3, 11:30AM EDT47

No, not really!

Jul 4, 4:56AM EDT46
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What is your preferred method to listen to music?

Jul 3, 10:58AM EDT0

I mostly do it with iPad and headphones, but live music is always the best

Jul 4, 5:02AM EDT54

How do you choose a line of music ""merch"" to market?

Jul 3, 12:13AM EDT0

I haven't done that yet, maybe in the future!

Jul 4, 5:04AM EDT0

What are some of your favorite movie sound tracks?

Jul 2, 10:51PM EDT0

It's hard to list them all ... Lord of the Rings is at the top for sure for me, but there are plenty of great ones like from John Williams, Steve Jablonsky, Hans Zimmer - I adore majority of their work

Jul 4, 5:08AM EDT54

Hans Zimmer is a great musician! I love his music!

Jul 4, 2:30PM EDT30

What musical genres are most popular in your native Lithuania?

Jul 2, 2:33PM EDT53

Similar to other Western Countries - Pop, Rock, also Electronic seems to be popular right now

Jul 4, 5:10AM EDT32

What about classical music? I know that it's kinda experiencing second birth right now

Jul 6, 4:22AM EDT39

Who has influenced your lyric writing the most?

Jul 2, 2:33PM EDT57

I would say poetry and Bands like Green Day, Rise Against, Guns And Roses

Jul 4, 5:11AM EDT26

Soundgarden? I like their texts more, than Nirvana's

Jul 6, 4:34AM EDT26

What are your thoughts about vinyl versus other album formats?

Jul 2, 2:18PM EDT0

Vinyl and physical copy(disk) is classic and purest form of art( music, the design), digital however is way more accessible today I guess

Jul 4, 5:14AM EDT30

Can you explain the concept of epic music?

Jul 2, 1:40PM EDT0

It's a type of modern classical music.

This is my interpretation, but I would define it as Instrumental, Cinematic, Orchestral atmosphere creating music, often which has uplifting, motivating, emotional, 'epic' feel to it. It's hard to explain, but once you listen you'll get the idea

Jul 4, 5:17AM EDT42

What makes an effective movie sound track?

Jul 2, 1:30PM EDT0

One that signifies, exhilarates the story and connects to the audience.

Jul 4, 5:18AM EDT52
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Do you have any stories about rabid fans?

Jul 2, 1:07PM EDT0

No, not really, all my fans have been super nice so far! 

Jul 4, 5:19AM EDT51

Good for you, I hope you'll never experience such things

Jul 6, 4:13AM EDT20

What day jobs have you had to support your music hobby?

Jul 2, 11:09AM EDT0

I don't work at the moment and try to pursue it full time. I have many temporary daily/weekly jobs with family business, like delivering stuff as a driver

Jul 4, 5:22AM EDT0

What are your favorite brands of music production equipment?

Jul 2, 11:07AM EDT0

Yamaha and Fender, Gibson - just for the sound and quality

Jul 4, 5:22AM EDT55
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How do you overcome stage fright as a musician?

Jul 2, 10:01AM EDT0

It takes practice - you get better with it in time

Jul 4, 5:22AM EDT0

Do you think parents should force kids to take music lessons?

Jul 2, 9:25AM EDT0

No, I think the more you force the less kid will want to do it.

It's better to present it in interesting angles, like taking to a concert, or to show interest yourself - kids often mimic parents behavior.

I'm no expert - just my opinion 

Jul 4, 5:30AM EDT24
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What performer would you most like to perform a duet with?

Jul 2, 8:44AM EDT0

Aa so hard... maybe Billie Joe Armstrong

Jul 4, 5:32AM EDT0
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