New Emerging Artist Huey V Giving Guidelines+Tips To Cultivating Core Fans & Unique Branding. Ask Me Anything!

Huey V
Apr 10, 2018

My name is Huey V and I'll be gladly helping answer as many questions about growing a core following, creating a unique brand, and allowing transparency between artist and audience. Excited to hear your ideas and help promote success. This will be an open discussion so feel free to help respond to questions or even enlighten me on information I may not know. Once again have a great time and thank you!


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How does a musician know which brand to adopt?
Apr 15, 11:21AM EDT0

Base your answer on engagement always.

Apr 15, 7:23PM EDT0
Do you think the world has become more focused on labels like branding instead of focusing of real talent?
Apr 14, 1:13PM EDT0

Definitely but real talent always trumps.  The goal is to combine both elements of entertainment and or branding with the talent. It's possible just take thought, energy, consistency and a creative edge

Apr 15, 7:20PM EDT0
Is it tricky for a musician to change his brand after a while? Is it a brave move or wil he be risking losing his fans?
Apr 14, 6:14AM EDT0

It's always a risk to revamp your brand although it can also breathe new life into it. Weeknd being a great example. 

Apr 15, 7:18PM EDT0
Do you think there is merit to relook at media planning and move some budgets to Digital for effective and unique branding?
Apr 14, 12:32AM EDT1

Definitely the amount of consumerism in digital media is exponentially growing. 

Apr 15, 7:16PM EDT0
What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs and are these themes a conscious decision directed at an overall purpose, if so, what is that purpose?
Apr 13, 12:43PM EDT0

Whatever stimulates me socially, my first collective of music I've focused on myself as if I was telling an autobiography. But wherever the inspiration presents itself I follow. Typically it's from my life, or what I see in society. It's always a conscious decision because the songs write themselves, I simply just put the pen to the paper.

Apr 14, 12:10AM EDT0
Which songs do you perform most frequently and why?
Apr 13, 6:13AM EDT0

Songs with more energy, which ever moves the crowd is the pace I stick with. Although when the time comes and the correct venue presents itself I'd love to perform more intimate shows - similar to the tiny desk series 

Last edited @ Apr 14, 12:07AM EDT.
Apr 14, 12:07AM EDT0
Besides music do you have any hobbies that have added value to your life in terms of connecting with your fans?
Apr 12, 7:30PM EDT0

I write, screenplay and direct short films. Brings my fans closer into who I am as a person. I'm actually releasing one in about a month, if you'd like to see it subscribe to my YouTube. I'll drop the link below

Last edited @ Apr 12, 11:29PM EDT.
Apr 12, 11:28PM EDT0
What are some of the negatives one can associate with having a set playlist of songs for a live audience?
Apr 12, 6:13AM EDT0

You want to have dissect your playlist by you demographics. Present the songs with the most positive response in that city to that city. You may lose your crowd playing music they haven't caught on to yet.

Apr 12, 11:03PM EDT0
How often do you get to travel for the work purpose?
Apr 12, 6:13AM EDT0

I haven't traveled as much as I would like to so far. But I have my eyes set out on SXSW 2019. You just want to be sure to travel with a plan and to prevent wasting money and your time.

Last edited @ Apr 12, 11:01PM EDT.
Apr 12, 11:01PM EDT0
Have you attempted to perform a cover of another song, why or why not?
Apr 12, 2:27AM EDT0

I never do covers personally because I feel as if it stifles my creativity, but if some day the some comes across I'll definitely do it. I have one song over Drakes "West Road Flows" beat prod. By Noah "40". If you're interested you can check it out.

Apr 12, 2:33AM EDT0
In your opinion, why is a brand identity important for a contemporary musician?
Apr 11, 6:23PM EDT1

Over saturation in the entertainment market. There are SO MANY different artist and figures to choose from, it's your identity that can set you apart or  allow you to become just "another artist". The field isn't leveled to just who's talented anymore. And although talent determines longevity in a sense. What sets you apart from the other talents in your field.

Apr 11, 6:51PM EDT0
In what ways does the interaction between artists and their fans affect their brand identity?
Apr 11, 10:19AM EDT0

Interaction and engagement between artist and audience promotes loyalty and a relationship. It's how you stabilize a base, they become reliable and a efficient support system. They also unconsciously do the "leg work" for promoting you as an artist. They are reaching the listeners "outside" of your demographic. Great artist / audience relationships can be exemplified by the "Navy" - Rihanna Fanbase. "Beehive" - Beyoncé Fanbase. Barbs - Nicki Minaj Fanbase. 3 of the most powerful / successful women in the music industry. Sidenot - giving a name to your fanbase can cause the "patriot" reaction. Makes your audience want to be apart of something, ultimately building you.

Apr 11, 3:52PM EDT0
What are some of the methods one can use to test brand perception, which of these do you prefer and why?
Apr 11, 7:33AM EDT0

It's a hit or miss kind of thing . You don't know what works or doesn't until it doesn't. The advice I can offer is to look around you and see what works. Although never replicate. Famous quote is that "all great artist steal." You become replaceable when you are a replica. Borrow from your favorites and incorporate yourself. See how that works for you.

Apr 11, 3:55PM EDT0
What would be your dream venue in which to perform?
Apr 11, 4:58AM EDT0

Madison Square Garden, that's the mission lol

Apr 11, 3:57PM EDT0
How should an artist go about building momentum for their brand without excessively spamming fans?
Apr 11, 2:41AM EDT0

Networking and consistent releases. Put effort and a lot of attention into your craft. If the music shows you took your time the listeners will move accordingly. Spamming can turn off listerners. Organic followings are the ones that stick. Also support from local artist can really push your movement

Last edited @ Apr 11, 3:59PM EDT.
Apr 11, 3:59PM EDT0
What is the distinguishing factor that makes your musical brand important?
Apr 10, 11:57PM EDT0

Personality, a charismatic personality can set you apart from your contemporaries 

Apr 11, 4:10PM EDT0
What is it or will it be that gets people talking about, listening to and sharing your music?
Apr 10, 1:56PM EDT0

Location  May determine a lot. In my city we have a very certain sound, I have been one of not many to push that envelope and the only one to bring a harsh reality / painfully truth look into my life where as artist/ rappers are supposed to look a certain way. Ultimately my goal is to create a conversation rather press my beliefs on my listeners.

Apr 10, 3:14PM EDT0
How should one determine one’s target audience when developing one’s musical brand?
Apr 10, 12:39PM EDT0

 Luckily enough with the usages of social media/ online streaming they automatically monetize who your audience is. For example, If your Instagram  is connected to an artist or business page it allows you to go into detail with your engagement. As well as Spotify or iTunes, they have specific settings that allow you to see the details of your audiences locations, age groups,  genders, how long do they typically listen to your song, how many times they listen to your song, and you can use that to determine which locations you have the biggest effect on.  This allows you to determine possible tour dates, and locations to run promotions in.  Also, if you have a distributor, they bundle all this information into one for you. A distribution company to look into would be TuneCore.

Apr 10, 1:53PM EDT0
What is it that you want fans to receive from you and from your brand?
Apr 10, 12:32PM EDT0

Great question, an experience. You always want them to leave feeling as if they have connected with you as an artist. This is how you build the relationship between audience and artist.   Fortunately enough this can be done in multiple ways, some artists use social media as a platform to directly connect them to their listeners - such as YouTube. The content that you provide - whether it's the vlogging or weekly videos -  can allow you to promote differently than just directly using Music. It gives you the opportunity to speak almost on a personal level. New stars such as, "XXXTentacion" have recently been using this method. It helps cultivate a core.  Although if you feel that may not work for you,  when you are using your Artists profiles to promote your music remember to always leave a genuine message. Feel as if you are Speaking to your listeners directly so it has the appearance of being personal and transparent. That also works

Last edited @ Apr 10, 2:07PM EDT.
Apr 10, 2:03PM EDT0
What are some of the methods one can use to successfully network their brand and in what ways is networking an important part of being a musician?
Apr 10, 8:35AM EDT0

Instagram / Facebook I believe are two of the biggest marketing and networking tools we have as artist because it's so direct to the audience. Although in that same instance can be detrimental to ones career. And I simply based my answer off of the generation consuming music. I assume that you are reading this feed from your phone. (If you know what I'm getting at lol) . But the ability to speak when and wherever is an amazing tool. Just use it wisely. Also networking is important because it allows you to build relationships with people with influence and platforms that have a reach that you as an artist yourself may not have.

Apr 10, 3:15PM EDT0
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