New single and LGBT music video "Someone else" AMA

Jan 12, 2018

Hi everyone! My name is Jenn DeSantis. I am a 22 year old singer-songwriter/pianist that has my newest single out for all to hear. I am from Danville, PA and I have been passionate about music since the tender age of 2. I play piano by ear and my style was heavily influenced by Classic Rock artists such as Queen, David Bowie, Billy Joel, ELO, and Elton John. Recently, I dropped off my latest single titled “Someone Else”. Its an emotional, powerful rock ballad with a bursts of passion that you hear throughout the track.

      “Someone Else” starts off with a piano and my vocals captivating the listener into the storyline.  Its about an LGBT interracial couple struggling to be true to one another because of the world in which they live in.  It is based on a past relationship of mine. The struggle is heard throughout the track especially when I sing “My heart says to love you / But it also says to say goodbye / Our love can’t continue even though I want it to thrive”.  The struggles LGBT has to face are so real. Not being fully accepted in our culture and society can cause the destruction of a relationship and sometimes the destruction of who we truly are at our core. I was struggling with my sexual identity thinking I could only fall in love with a man. After saying goodbye to her, I realized the emotional and loving attachment I felt with her even in a short amount of time. It made me realize that yes, I could fall in love with a woman and be happy. The production is top notch.  It has soft but very powerful sections throughout the cut and it helps with the engagement.  I hope this ends up on your playlist! Definitely check it out and give it a listen. Let me know what you think about it. Tweet me at @JennDMusic (JennDeSantisMusic) & stay tuned because my album "Surreality" is coming around the corner. 

Someone Else Music Video


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How can I get permission to record and sell songs written by other people?

Jan 13, 2:26PM EST0

You have to get permission from the writers first. Then copyright the song on copyright.gov or if it's a famous artist, you have to go through the Harry Fox Agency and try to contact their publisher.

Jan 14, 9:57PM EST0

Do you have focus audience when you write a song?

Jan 13, 12:52PM EST0

I don't really think about a focus audience. My target market ranges mostly from ages -20-34. They really are a wide range of different people. It's hard to really target my audience. I'll know once it grows more and more. 

Jan 14, 9:55PM EST0

Do you think of writing one of your songs to symbolize your childhood? What would be the main theme of the song?

Jan 13, 12:17PM EST0

If I had to write a song about my childhood, the major theme would be about being care-free, running barefoot through the grass and eating fresh tomatoes from my mom's garden. It would be about my imagination, always dancing, etc.

Jan 14, 9:52PM EST0

What is your most favourite song on your album and what really inspired its title?

Jan 12, 10:34PM EST0

My favorite song on my upcoming album would be Every Part Of Me. It's about fully giving myself to someone. My flaws, my heart, my emotions, my everything for the right person who will love me for me. It's about someone not being scared to love me deeply and the things I would do for someone if they love me that much.

Jan 13, 9:24AM EST0

What was the most challenging part of making this song?

Jan 12, 4:54PM EST0

The most challenging part of making this song is having the strength to accept the breakup, accept the situation, and sing it with no problem. I'm an artistic soul and I give a lot of love to people. That love is found throughout the song. There's songs now I can hardly sing and knowing how people feel about the LGBTQ community will raise contraversy. But, I learned to push that aside. Knowing how people feel about my feelings is rough, but I have to stand my ground. These are my feelings. This is me. My raw self.

Jan 12, 5:09PM EST0

How do you feel about the way people interpret your latest single titled “Someone Else?”

Jan 12, 4:37PM EST0

Most of the people I have encountered really appreciate that I made an LGBT music video. They are really hard to find and people really like the passion behind it. Some won't interpret it well, but I expect that. Some won't understand it fully. But I will always stay true to my story, my values, and my feelings.

Jan 12, 4:47PM EST0

What is your motivation and muse to write songs?

Jan 12, 4:12PM EST0

The motivation to write songs comes from a deep emotion that I have about something whether it's a loss or a spike in my confidence level, whether it's world issues, etc. There's this type of adrenaline I have when I am going through something. I'm proud that I can let my emotions out through writing songs. It's healthy because it's not dwelling, it's more trying to accept situations the universe gives me. The more I sing about my emotions, the better I actually feel. 

Jan 12, 4:50PM EST0

What are the most important aspects of songwriting process?

Jan 12, 3:25PM EST0

Hey Stephanie! The most important aspects of any songwriting process I think are writing about something that really has a lot of meaning to you. or resenates with you on some level. If you don't have passion behind it, what's the point. Always get inspired outside of your creativity. Take breaks. It's so important. Make sure the lyrics go along with the melody. If the melody is happy but the lyrics are sad, it's less impactful to your audience!

Jan 12, 3:47PM EST0

Do any of the proceeds of your music go to charitable organizations? Would you consider donating proceeds from your hit single "Someone Else" to nonprofit organizations that support the LGBTQ+ community? 

Jan 12, 2:58PM EST0

I have done charity in the past with my albums. The first two albums I ever sold I made the proceeds go to The Child Advocacy Center and Show Hope. I will always want to donate proceeds for my upcoming albums. I am thinking about FEED. 

Lauren Bush Lauren witnessed the effects of hunger firsthand. In places like Cambodia, Chad and Guatemala, she saw a program making a dent in child malnutrition: school meals. When a child is given a free, nutritious school lunch, it can break the cycle of poverty she was born into and empower her to change her own life.

Lauren founded FEED in 2007 with the simple idea of creating products that would engage people in the fight against hunger in a tangible way. Every one of their products has a number stamped on it that signifies the amount of meals or micronutrient packets provided with its purchase. Ten years later, they built a movement connecting their customers to the cause, one bag at a time. 

Last edited @ Jan 12, 3:26PM EST.
Jan 12, 3:12PM EST0

As far as supporting the LGBTQ community, I want to research and see if I can find nonprofit organizations that support it too. 

Jan 12, 3:13PM EST0

Do you plan on making more songs like "Someone Else" for the LGBTQ+ community? How important is it for your music to empower this community and for you to serve as a social activist through your music?

Jan 12, 2:56PM EST0

It is SO important because this is who I am. I am a part of this community and even with all the hate that we get and the unacceptance, I will always stay true to who I am. I will forever be an activist for the LGBT community, a feminist, the environment, and someone who fights for human rights. That will never go away! 

Jan 12, 3:01PM EST0

In case you were to give me an advice how to start songwriting, what would you tell me?

Jan 12, 9:08AM EST0

Hey Sianne. First, I would say this. Have you had any experiences lately that you can really feel emotionally gravitated towards? Even if it's something absolutely random in your life. Dreams really give me inspiration. Sit in a comfortable place. Don't force it. Also, for me I like to write the melody first because then I feel the emotion as I'm playing it, sometimes random words just pop up as I play a chord. If you don't play an instrument, listen to the melody over and over again. What words come to mind? Take your time. Write random thoughts down for a minute on a piece of paper.  It's amazing what you can come up with subconsciously. Work with your subconscious.  

Jan 12, 12:24PM EST0

Who is the is the reason for your love of music, and why?

Jan 12, 8:49AM EST0

I would say it's just been in my life for so long. I grew up listening to classic rock albums that my dad would have. My mom sang in the church choir. My sister and I would have singing competitions in the attic. And when my brother started piano lessons, I really wanted to. Also, my grandfather plays classical music on the piano by ear so beautifully and my grandma would sing all the time. It was all around me. Music has been something that has helped me cope with the most difficult times in my life. It's so therapeutic. It's also such a healer to others. That's what I really love about it.

Jan 12, 12:27PM EST1

What is the worst kind of advice you ever received concerning your songwriting?

Jan 12, 5:22AM EST0

Worst kind of advice? That's tough because I haven't really received bad advice on songwriting. I can't stand when artists repeat verses. lol That makes me cringe. It's like "dude....you could have really expanded on the story so much more! Noooo." lol that's a no no for me.

Jan 12, 12:29PM EST0

Does much editing go into your songs before they’re done, or are the finished products usually very similar to how the music first comes to you?

Jan 11, 9:54PM EST0

Hi Hannah :) There's a bunch of editing that can go into a song. And sometimes there's hardly any at all. It depends on what kind of sound I am looking for. But yes. You have to fade out the tracks, listen to the channel EQ, make sure there is no "muddiness" in the track, compression if need be, etc. Never edit too much. It can drive you nuts. lol. In my mind I can hear my song pretty clearly. I hear orchestras and the piano and hard rock drums. Sometimes I hear psychadelic and indie grooves. "Life Goes On" by The Damned, the guitars in it...I love them. Sometimes I hear 90s rock in my mind too. Maybe my music is more "old fashioned" but if I do live looping with it and make it into this new wave of Rock, it could be something really different that no one has even touched. The finished product is pretty similar to what I have in my mind. If it's not, it bugs me. 

Jan 12, 12:35PM EST0

How long do you wait for a potential collaborator to come up with something before you move on or ask someone else to work with you?

Jan 11, 8:05PM EST0

If a potential collaborator wants to work with me for business, I tell them my rate. They put down a deposit. If they don't come up with something for me by a certain date, I have to move on. If I am just having fun with a collaborator, it doesn't really matter so much the due date. Put all business aside and have fun! Also, don't wait for someone to ask you to work with you. If they look pretty cool, ask them. The worst you can get is a "no sorry." Doesn't mean another person won't be interested.

Jan 12, 12:38PM EST0

How do you avoid the use of same rhymes/themes/patterns and words when you write a song?

Jan 11, 7:27PM EST0

"Your eyes are beautiful without any makeup on, your hair is gorgeous when it's natural so let it down." If it's so true to how you feel, put it down. Don't think about rhyming. If it sounds good, it's good! My pattern is usually intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, finale.  My new song "The What Ifs" has measures of 5/4 and 3/4. It's a pretty theatric, fast song too. It's a song about my mind being so messed up after a sudden breakup and I wanted to show my frustration with the pattern.  So even if it's the same lyrical pattern, it's not the same 4/4 or 2/4 pattern. If a certain lyrical pattern feels right to you, keep doing it. I've tried to start my songs with a chorus but I didn't like it. As far as words, get inspiration from your favorite artists. How do they do it? Sometimes saying the same word over and over can also have a huge emotional impact on someone. It's not always a bad thing.

Jan 12, 12:47PM EST0

When and where did you first sing before an audience?

Jan 11, 6:09PM EST0

4th grade talent show, "Imagine" by John Lennon. I won't forget that:)

Jan 12, 12:48PM EST0

Do you play any othere instruments? 

Jan 11, 6:07PM EST0

I can play the drums! I took drumset lessons in college and messed around sometimes with my friend's drumset in high school. I love the drums. I can also play mallet percussion. I used to play the bells in the band in high school. The bells are so beautiful and cute. I loved how they sounded so they drew me in. Also, I didn't think I could wear a snare harness. I am so short and I pictured myself falling if I ever wore one for marching band. lol I can also fool around with a guitar and uke. But, I don't really know what I am doing. I really want to learn.

Jan 12, 12:50PM EST0

What are some of the elements of a hit song?

Jan 11, 4:40PM EST0

Hey Roger! Depends on what you consider a "hit" song. Nowadays mainstream on the radio is this: repeated words, not too many words in the verses, catchy 4/4 melodies, easy to follow, this same kind of sound with synths and production." Love songs and breakup songs do really well. But really overall and not considering only mainstream, it's all about how it captures the audience. That first intro, you got to reel them in. If the lyrics are witty, that's a plus. People like the unexpected which is ironic because mainstream is so expected. But when I do something unexpected on the piano, people get so excited haha it's so cool to see. 

Jan 12, 12:56PM EST0

Have you ever thought of joining a band or have you always wanted to be solo?

Jan 11, 2:57PM EST0

I have thought about it. In the future, I would love to be a solo act but have a different array of drummers and orchestra members I can count on. Maybe eventually a band. Not sure. I'll find out what happens! I have no idea who I will meet! It's so exciting.

Jan 12, 12:58PM EST0
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