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King Lo
Apr 9, 2018

Unsigned Upcoming Artist from Upstate NY. Debut Mixtape 'TEAMBEAST RENEGADES' Out Now! Available Everywhere. Looking to grow a Fanbase on AMA and Share Music with new and existing fans. Ask me Anything Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @official_kinglo and Subscribe on Youtube


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How many songs /albums have you released to date?
Apr 16, 10:35AM EDT0
What do you think of the music industry in 2018? Who do you think is the most influential hip-hop artist of today's time?
Apr 16, 10:07AM EDT0
What song has meant the most to you that you've written and why?
Apr 14, 9:52PM EDT0

A song i wrote call "Keep Fighting" from my Debut mixtape 'TEAMBEAST RENEGADES' very personal and emotional song 

Apr 16, 9:20AM EDT0
How do you think you differ from other artists? Also, dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?
Apr 14, 1:37PM EDT0

I feel like i have a 90s feel type of style. I would love to collab with Legends from that Era someone like Jadakiss or Eminem 

Apr 16, 9:19AM EDT0
How many tracks have you been able to lay down so far in the studio?
Apr 13, 8:00AM EDT0

Since starting to release music in 2017 ive released about 20+ songs 

Apr 13, 1:23PM EDT0
What message do you hope people take from your music?
Apr 13, 6:20AM EDT0

No matter what your situation is Keep following your dreams.

Apr 13, 1:22PM EDT0
What impact would you like to make on the hip-hop music scene and how do you plan to do so?
Apr 12, 6:17AM EDT0

I would like to get hiphop back to where it was in the 90s and early 2000s hopefully enough artists with styles like that will make a comeback 

Apr 12, 11:31AM EDT0
Do you want to continue creating music as an independent hip-hop artist or do you look forward to joining a record label in future?
Apr 12, 6:17AM EDT0

I would like to stay independent but if the deal is right i would take it 

Apr 12, 11:30AM EDT0
Do you think that hip-hop music is sometimes not well received because it is usually misunderstood?
Apr 11, 10:46AM EDT0

Yes and usually misinterpreted 

Apr 11, 1:05PM EDT0
What were the reactions on your music of the people from your surroundings?
Apr 11, 10:04AM EDT0

Mostly positive but as always there ARE haters

Apr 11, 1:05PM EDT0
What do you consider to be the essence of hip-hop music?
Apr 11, 2:19AM EDT0

Freedom of expresssion and being able to share your thoughts 

Apr 11, 1:04PM EDT0
What is the direction in which you want to push your further career?
Apr 10, 2:27PM EDT0

Wichever direction it is that is going to ensure success 

Apr 10, 6:52PM EDT0
What do you hope to be your biggest asset that might push you through in this type of music industry?
Apr 10, 12:01PM EDT0

Im Hoping my different style and lyricism will set me apart

Apr 10, 6:51PM EDT0
What did you do prior to becoming an artist? Did you have another career?
Apr 10, 9:14AM EDT0

I did Mixed Martial Arts 

Apr 10, 9:18AM EDT0
What are some ways you are looking to market your work? Is social media one of your tools?
Apr 9, 8:48PM EDT0

Yes social media and Live performances 

Apr 10, 12:01AM EDT0
If you can choose just one person to collaborate with from the hip-hop music industry, whom would you choose?
Apr 9, 4:34PM EDT0

Probably Cassidy 

Apr 10, 12:00AM EDT0
Who are some of your favourite hip-hop artists?
Apr 9, 3:09PM EDT0

Cassidy, joyner lucas, montana of 300, eminem, and alot of other legends 

Apr 9, 4:37PM EDT0

what is your goal for your music besides becoming famous?

Apr 9, 1:11PM EDT0

Becoming known as one of the greats and making a career out of it being able to make sure my family is taken care of 

Apr 9, 2:06PM EDT0
What audience do you hope to target with your music?
Apr 9, 1:00PM EDT0

As big an audience as i possibly can hopefully people who enjoy Rap/HipHop or R&B 

Apr 9, 2:05PM EDT0
How do you balance your music with your daily obligations?
Apr 9, 12:23PM EDT0

Its hard but  technology helps whenever im on the go if i think of anything i want to use for a song i record it in my phone or tablet 

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Apr 9, 12:30PM EDT0
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