" NLZ" Just Me Networking connecting the dots.. hip hop Artist / Producer of music as well ..available for collabs .. lets work! Ask Me Anything

Apr 10, 2018

NLZ (Nefariuz Lyrical Zen) is Hip Hop Artist & Music Producer from East Orange "Illtown" New Jersey, USA. Currently living in Atlanta Ga looking forward to work with Artists , Producers , Film & Television projects. Hit me up lets come up with something creative and dynamic!  I enjoy being within a circle of thinkers that let the EGO go .. I believe in being part of a solution no matter what role i play its the team effort that counts  

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What are your thoughts on self-promoting one's music? Do you think it can harm a person's career and it is best to hire a professional?
Apr 17, 2:33AM EDT0
How have people received your music so far? What are the downsides of being an indie hip-hop artist?
Apr 13, 6:54PM EDT0
What sort of independent hip hop marketing are you doing to differentiate yourself from other hip-hop artists?
Apr 13, 7:30AM EDT0
Are there any new music releases you are currently working on or old favorites you’re spinning?
Apr 13, 6:16AM EDT0

Working on my NEW Album " All About M.E. " (Mind Elevation)

working on Beat Albums and a new Endeavor with a squad im in called FLA.G.S. its a diverse collective 

Apr 14, 11:35PM EDT0
Have you ever collaborated with other hip-hop artists? What are some of your favourite collaborations to date?
Apr 12, 6:15AM EDT0

I've collaborated as an EMCEE and a producer my favorites are with my  original squad "HeadTuchaz" because we had great chemistry ..my latest favorite is with my cuz Venomous 2000 he's super creative 

Apr 14, 11:33PM EDT0
What are your thoughts on the current state of hip hop music in New Jersey?
Apr 12, 6:14AM EDT0

i try to help my Jersey Family all i can and educate them on ways to move in todays model ..alot has changed , i think NJ needs to regain its Identity and there are a few authentic artists still there that need the support and im willing to utilize my resources to help them 

Apr 14, 11:31PM EDT0
What is your most treasured musical possession?
Apr 11, 3:44AM EDT0

My Brain, My Life experiences my fearlessness... lol My Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 ...i just upgraded but the ASR X was my ol reliable tank of a drum machine 

Last edited @ Apr 11, 4:32PM EDT.
Apr 11, 2:21PM EDT0
What are some of the reasons a musician should register their songs at collection societies such as GEMA, SACEM and SUISA?
Apr 11, 3:19AM EDT0

i would believe because they collect royalties from different territories respectively GEMA is Germany SACEM is France & SUISA is Switzerland i believe ...

Apr 11, 2:25PM EDT0
What is the best method of utilizing YouTube as a means of exposure for new artists while still protecting them against copyright violation?
Apr 10, 9:19PM EDT0

Im not really a fan of monetizing unless it makes sense on youtube u can just have a video page about you as a person and people get to lknow who you are a little bit and in your music as you express who you are they will be able to better relate to you ...

Apr 11, 2:27PM EDT0
In what ways does a musician’s location play a role in his or her success?
Apr 10, 7:58PM EDT0

location would play a role in the power of your local network or resources and the relationships you build within that network that would help take you into new levels and directions 

Apr 11, 2:28PM EDT0

lets do it, here is my artist Artist Profile

here he is on youtube

let me know if wanna colab

Apr 10, 5:24PM EDT0
What are the best lessons you have learnt from your musical journey?
Apr 10, 3:04PM EDT0

Listen More than you talk and be patient also DO dont talk about be about it 

Apr 11, 2:51PM EDT0
What are the possible benefits of music theory and instrumental training for musicians?
Apr 10, 2:24PM EDT0

it will probably give you a greater understanding of scales , notes ,tones etc and give you an advantage as a writer / producer and overall a real ear a appreciation for music 

Apr 11, 3:28PM EDT0
Have you ever collaborated on a song you wish you had not and what were the circumstances that lead to this unsatisfactory feeling?
Apr 10, 1:50PM EDT0

nah not really my biggest pet peeve is music that demoralizes people i wont do im about Mind Elevation and growth

Apr 11, 2:50PM EDT0
What has been one of your most memorable collaborative experiences and what was it about the experience that stayed with you?
Apr 10, 12:49PM EDT0

with my original squad ILL-KLIK and then HEADTUCHAZ cause we just had so much fun we're like brothers to this day some still in the industry 

Apr 11, 3:29PM EDT0
If you could choose to work with one specific musician, who would it be and what are the reasons for your choice?
Apr 10, 12:39PM EDT0

Stevie Wonder ... the melodies are incredible when i listen to the music he creates it brings something out of me

Apr 11, 3:30PM EDT0
What is the importance of the connections you make and how do you utilize them to benefit your music career?
Apr 10, 11:54AM EDT0

your Network is your Networth fill it with quality people who have depth and that express a sincerity to their expertise if they are truly your friend(s) they will help you in whatever you endeavor to do  

Apr 11, 3:32PM EDT0
In what ways have streaming services, such as Spotify, changed the music industry and do you believe these changes are beneficial or hazardous to the artists involved and what are the reasons for your answer?
Apr 10, 10:50AM EDT0

i hate spotify they rape artists value .. the popularity can be gained thru hard work they killed alot of artists finacially and motivation 

Apr 11, 3:33PM EDT0
When you look at your musical journey, what specific incidents do you look upon favourably and how have these incidents propelled you to the current phase of your career?
Apr 10, 4:50AM EDT0

i learned that if its something i dont understand im not signing it until a lawyer is involved ...patience, communicate and be transparent with your circle ..do other things while certain processes are taking place so you never stress, and there are no rules to creativity people will appreciate you for who you are ...those gems helped me grow out of looking for labels and artists to help me get signed

Apr 11, 3:36PM EDT0

Can you work on Afro BEATS 

Apr 10, 3:35AM EDT0

u mean rhyme ? i can rhyme on anything lol 

Apr 11, 3:37PM EDT0
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