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Apr 10, 2018

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How many hours does a photoshoot usually take? What makes one longer than another?
Apr 16, 8:45PM EDT0
How long are the modeling session, and do you get breaks?
Apr 14, 6:15AM EDT0

Depends on the gigs or events or Musi videos it varies from 2hrs to all day 

Apr 14, 10:25PM EDT0

REPLY: Paid gig yes!, Ok good !

Apr 14, 12:57AM EDT0


Apr 14, 10:26PM EDT0
Do you ever get bored while modeling?
Apr 13, 5:15PM EDT0

No never it’s always surprising and makes me grow in the industry

Apr 14, 10:25PM EDT0

Would you still model in Music Videos ???, Would you be in mines in the NEAR future ???? 

Apr 13, 4:15PM EDT0

Of course i will and as long as its a paid gig :) as I don’t do tf trades :) 

Apr 14, 12:28AM EDT0
What goes through your mind when you have to hold a really long pose during a shoot?
Apr 13, 12:57PM EDT0

I just focus on nature if it’s outside shoot or practice my yoga mind set

Apr 14, 12:28AM EDT0
What's the basic difference between modelling for cars, ads, and another modeling assignment? How do they each differ?
Apr 13, 6:17AM EDT0

A lot differs modeling for cars is more still shots compared to music videos or other ad depends what the shoot is about 

Apr 14, 12:29AM EDT0
You're so confident in your body and in your career. Were you always this way, or was it something you had to learn and develop over time?
Apr 12, 7:45AM EDT0

Hi i Have always been confident and just get better with time how to showcase my modeling in photos

Apr 13, 12:33AM EDT0
Are you proud of your latina features? Do you think your physical features and beauty has helped you gain lots of modelling assignments?
Apr 12, 6:37AM EDT0

No its all about owning the shoot or event confidence is key and my latina curves help a bit within my car modeling

Apr 13, 12:34AM EDT0
How has the modeling industry changed throughout your career? What’s your take on diversity in the fashion industry?
Apr 12, 6:15AM EDT0

Modeling is very adventurous for me i love behind the scenes shoots music videos car shows events I don’t do runway fashion shows

Apr 14, 12:30AM EDT0
What are you currently working on to develop your music career? Is there any platform where people can listen to your music?
Apr 11, 8:12PM EDT0

Somehow i keep going Talentdisplay featuring IngridRayneModel on itunes google play SoundCloud etc follow my instragram 

Apr 12, 2:42AM EDT0
What is your best piece of advice for all Hispanic women and men out there trying to go after their dream?
Apr 11, 7:46AM EDT0

Always be prepared for the next thing learn from challenges never let anything or anyone kill your dream succeed motivated only way to survive this industry is cruel always have contracts etc and know your worth

Apr 14, 12:31AM EDT0
What are some of the questions one should ask before attempting to sign with a modelling agency?
Apr 10, 11:31PM EDT0

Most contract deals are you can only work for them and no one else so i will most likely ask if its open for other gigs and events 

Apr 11, 1:33PM EDT0
What are some of the common emotional experiences that you have found in each of your career ventures?
Apr 10, 3:14PM EDT0

Its a roller coaster but its been amazing energetic positive vibes and lots of collaboration projects

Apr 10, 6:38PM EDT0
How did you handle body shaming or physical criticism as a model and what advice do you have for young women struggling to maintain the ideal of what they should look like physically?
Apr 10, 12:34PM EDT0

I didn’t get any body shaming but to the young woman love yourself and work the camera with confidence that is key to success

Apr 10, 6:39PM EDT0
What does the term creativity mean for you and how does its concept affect your continued interest in your career?
Apr 10, 8:44AM EDT0

Im versatile and creativity makes things fun i do random stuff from modeling to rapping 

Apr 10, 6:40PM EDT0
What surprising capabilities and strengths have you discovered about yourself through your various artist pursuits?
Apr 10, 2:40AM EDT0

Imarketing skills  and found out im good at it and help many promote there social media pages business and follow back for more pretty smart 

Apr 11, 1:34PM EDT0
Do you use social media platforms do promote your work? Which ones do you use?
Apr 10, 1:14AM EDT0


Apr 10, 6:41PM EDT0
What do you think about the modern modelling industry? Does it set unrealistic beauty standards?
Apr 9, 7:44PM EDT0

it has its flaws  but most depends on which industry line of work

Apr 11, 4:18PM EDT0
How much time do you spend on marketing your work?
Apr 9, 5:14PM EDT0

On a daily basis depends on what im promoting

Apr 9, 6:52PM EDT0
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