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May 13, 2018

Award-winning artist and producer (FB, YouTube, feel free to google) freestyle and battle champ,former artist at Universal music group,Upper Level company,Sinister Records.and Sony/ Bentley Records,host and executive producer @ new york underground radio, model photoshoot consultant.

Started with a Keyboard stereo and electric guitar at age 6. 1st recording at age 9(terrible)1st battle at age 13,1st show at age 21,1st album at age 22,first contract at age 24.

Ask me anything!


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What do you usually start with when working on a new piece?
May 20, 1:20PM EDT0
How would you rate the music scene of the city you are currently living in and how important is it in terms of what you're writing about?
May 20, 11:29AM EDT0
In which way does writing and reading about music change the way it is perceived by the public?
May 19, 11:27PM EDT0

Writer has the can paint anything you like and be as raw as you want,granted if its edited or not once the reader digest it, what ever has been painted is viewed and studied..

May 20, 4:00AM EDT0
How do you see the role of music in the creative process?
May 19, 9:52AM EDT0

Music plays a big role...i let the music push me to write what ima write the emotions of the music inspire direct lyrics if one is playing the role of author but also what kind of freestyle will come about by the character of the music.

May 19, 11:51AM EDT0
Would you consider doing collaborations outside the rap/hip hop genre?
May 18, 5:48AM EDT0

Ive done all kinds in the past.Always up to hear any idea never know..thats whats great about music.

May 18, 5:59AM EDT0
Do you think it is necessary to learn how to read sheet music before learning an instrument?
May 18, 2:55AM EDT0

Im indifferent about that topic..great question...on one hand tou want to become the best you can at the fastest rate...but on the other hand i never took a class or no one ever taught me it was a true "journey into sounds" and time bpm's took every year too but i wouldnt change nothing..but i do often think what if i would of got full power way earlier in my life?! But it is what it is..i say do whatever your heart tells you just dont be hard headed like me when you have the option to change your mind.. either way you start.

May 18, 3:04AM EDT0
I frequently hear that hip-hop music was higher quality in the 1980s and 1990s compared to now. Do you agree with those opinions and why or why not?
May 17, 8:17PM EDT0

Im from those eras so i naturally agree just the subject matter was deeper, skills and bars way better.expression way more unique.most acts had their own idenity where as today i feel everyone a "Mr.MeToo" sort to speaks..

Todays music is summed to a selfish perspective and its gotta be more than that..

May 17, 9:54PM EDT0
Was your first rap battle against an opponent your own age or was the opponent much older?
May 17, 1:18PM EDT0

Ill never know...he was random in the neighborhood..i dont even remember his name..but ive always been bigger than most anyone im around so i was always considered older because of my i got treated olded than what i was...either way it helped because i was always against more advanced minds..

May 17, 2:01PM EDT0
What is one musical instrument that you often miss playing due to being busy?
May 16, 5:52PM EDT0

Drums!!! Partly because you gotta be kinda amped and in shape for lol im in work out shape not band practice shape lol but its also these days staying condos and apartments just hard to get to when its no longer in your room or at the studio

May 16, 6:09PM EDT0
How much time do you wish to devote to your art and creating music?
May 16, 3:04PM EDT0

Its everyday for me..some how some way its here in my face..wjether its for 10 minutes or 10 hours..everyday

May 16, 3:18PM EDT0
What's your way to feel relaxed after a busy and hectic day?
May 16, 1:56PM EDT0

Cooking or big ass blunt or both most the time..big grill guy so usually and shooting is also good ones..depends where im at and what went on that day..but some times just making a new beat because of how involved it gets your mind and all of sudden im not thinking about any issue but more like dont lose that ideal keep working..and if nothing else a good comedy to watch..laugh cures everything..

May 16, 2:45PM EDT0
How important is being expressive to you? Is that one of your positive trait?
May 16, 10:35AM EDT0

As long as you express,what your tryna express to the point it makes light bulbs go off for the viewer and listener..then you have done your music for me,there is no positive or negative traits..what you express can be viewed as positive or negative by the viewer..but all things expressed is your point of view and experience..for example at one time saling drugs put food on my table...and my team we thought we was on for that,se gotta eat and pay bills..i might put that in song and the neighbor across the street might here certain words and miss the real story behind it and take it as negative which fine because i dont expect them to get it so its no use in reacting to it negatively...i learn two very important things from two important entertainment figures.. 1.from my guy Kurt Cobain,who said i let the listener tell me what they feel despite what i wrote about..and being a fellow lefty i really get what hes saying.2.from the great John Ritter,he said whether people say good or bad things about you..dont buy into none of it.just do your work.

May 16, 11:59AM EDT0
You are both a host and executive producer @ New York underground radio, what made you decide to expand your horizons to radio?
May 14, 10:42AM EDT0

Well i got the host and producer gig by being myself...i went to sign out for my paper work with record label i was on...notice that same day i had an interview with NYUR at the end they had a hot 16 challenge for Bodack Yellow..i killed it by their means, and was told i should have won had i attendes the live vote segment but i had other stuff going on and just couldnt make it,but got honorable mention,anywho they hit me like yo we like your interview and your personality would you like to host a segement for us and be our west connection in california?! Im like why not only helps my music career even more and allows me to be my crazy self and involved with music at a deeper perspective....and of course considering i had my own animated radio show developing(on my youtube channel now) and were in talks with adult swim and comedy central about Mudd and Cuzz and Oaf aka Keep It live show....some things fell through with my team so i decided heres a way for me to still live out that ideal but without the cartoon i did most of the writing.

May 14, 1:07PM EDT0
Who and what were your biggest inspirations in the industry?
May 14, 10:36AM EDT0

Michael Jackson made it look super dope to rock huge crowds..he had people falling out and fainting..thats powerful upon imagining myself stage diving(0-9) and everybody participating in my every move and lyric ..i really sat and thought .could you do this everyday? I was scared to take musically seriously as i didnt want to fail at my favorite subject on earth i even tried to run from music tryna convince myself i was a super athlete(which i was,but being great and desire are different)but the more i tried to just make it a hobby the more it came knocking and showing up in my life,the more i watched the signs and paid attention,the further i went down the rabbit hole...til it finally came over me like the evil spirit did to Isaac in the original Children Of The Corn(youtube that scene to get a visual)

May 14, 12:57PM EDT0
What do you love about hip-hop music?
May 14, 7:01AM EDT0

Great question..

Hiphop is a way of life..from an era i was born and raised in.from the dancing to lingo to the fashion trends to the music itself...its truely an un-biased culture that allows anyone to express themselves a number of ways...musically if you understand how it works then by all mean express away from dj to beat maker and lyricist..what i cant stand is when some think they can rap so they just start rapping and take all the elements and make about only your home work do your history..because its a way of life that started from a story to thing you know,the culture offers a path for the graffiti artists the dancer the writer the mozart the platform to become greater ..and the fact that i can mix some radiohead or metallica and make a jam i can just rip..hell i just ripped the little mermaid soundtrack in half..release dates for those songs soon.but again it offers so much to any decade of life born with it and after..i would like to see todays music and culture get some of its essanse back,for the simple fact its shared music has changed and grown and thats a lie its dumbed down and become selfish.thats not what it was created for.

Last edited @ May 14, 7:14AM EDT.
May 14, 7:12AM EDT0
What kind of qualities do you think make the best battlers?
May 14, 1:24AM EDT0

Really being able to take it as much as you dish very witty and quick minded and rebutles must be on points

May 14, 3:44AM EDT0
Where can your fans reach/follow you online?
May 13, 6:27PM EDT0

Twitter : @BiGGDeeMo

Ig: bigg_deemo

Facebook : Damien Morton

And just started a soundcloud @ Blacc Cloud Entertainment

Last edited @ May 13, 6:34PM EDT.
May 13, 6:29PM EDT0
What has been the highlight of your career so far?
May 13, 6:13PM EDT0

Has to be winning awards(4) and just being able to go where ive gone in travel in goals.Definitely owning your own everything so ypu never have to depend on anyone is a highlight .i had no outside interference in becoming myself,and it created a foundation for my team as well as outside artists.

Also i l set put to be the number one artist on reverbnation not only did i do that for a year straight i got my last contract through the website and also walked away 191k+ song plays and 77k+ video plays that was cool..but ive now deleted my profile so another artist can set goals and reach and be number one its important to feel important in my opinion and its time for someone else to get it

Last edited @ May 13, 6:33PM EDT.
May 13, 6:28PM EDT0
If it wasn’t for the music what other space would you have ventured in to?
May 13, 3:38PM EDT0

Good question.

Directing movies,being in movies,Football or mma maybe pro wrestling..something expressive.

May 13, 3:40PM EDT0
How do you feel about the internet in the music business?
May 13, 1:16PM EDT0

I feel its a double edge sword..has its good and bad perks..good perk would be good news travels fast..bad perk is bad news travels fast..only release great work its savage out there for a first impression

Last edited @ May 13, 4:00PM EDT.
May 13, 3:01PM EDT0
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