This is a contemporary, conceptual musical work grounded in the blues tradition. AMA about my new album that represents decades of work and influence coalescing into a provocative, dark, and sensual rendition of the blues. #MusicAMA #DarknessofDays #ContemporaryMusic

Dec 4, 2017

I started my first band when I was just a teenager trying to figure out whether or not I could sing. Since then, I have engaged in numerous musical projects over the course of three decades ranging from a lousy garage rock band to recording electronic rock albums to performing with Chicago blues legend Willie Kent. At present, I am a focused and determined artist with a vision and style honed from years of persistent creativity. My new work is, by far, my best yet and you can help me make this years-long dream a reality!


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Who/What inspired you to do this musical?

Dec 8, 8:43PM EST0

What do you think about the opening of your recording studio?

Dec 8, 6:15PM EST0

What is the main rule of the music industry in your opinion?

Dec 8, 12:25PM EST0

How often do you perform songs with other artists?

Dec 7, 7:57PM EST0

Do you play any musical instruments? If so - what ones?

Dec 7, 7:44PM EST0

Do you often perform with your concerts or as an invited artist?

Dec 7, 11:01AM EST0

How many fans do you have? Do they often write to you?

Dec 5, 4:13AM EST0

What's your favorite song? Why do you like it?

Dec 5, 2:50AM EST0

How many singles did you record for your creative career?

Dec 5, 2:47AM EST0

Do you often go on tour? If so - what was the best one?

Dec 5, 1:38AM EST0

Who is your favorite singer? What musical style he or she use?

Dec 5, 12:08AM EST0

What kind of music do you like mostly except your own style?

Dec 4, 11:24PM EST0

What is a contemporary music? I'm sorry but I know only such dance style.

Dec 4, 10:52PM EST0

What tips can you give a beginner musician?

Dec 4, 6:07PM EST0

What tips can you give a beginner musician?

Dec 4, 6:07PM EST0

Do you shoot video clips for your songs?

Dec 4, 4:15PM EST0

What income can I really get in the music industry?

Dec 4, 5:17AM EST0

Who do you see yourself in 10 years from now? Are you still a musician there?

Dec 3, 10:12PM EST0

How does your family relate to your creativity?

Dec 3, 6:52PM EST0

How do you feel about social media? Do you have a page in Instagram or a channel on Youtube?

Dec 3, 2:07PM EST0

What pushed you in making this project?

Dec 2, 11:50PM EST0
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