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Apr 13, 2018

Upcoming hip hop artist from South Africa who is ready to share his story with the whole world. Mr Randroller is My name my album is out LEAD BY EXAMPLE check me out on social media






His name is Eric Ngobese born and raised at Dassenhoek who went to study at Delani primary school and matriculated at  Shallcross high school and also went to further his studies at Pc training.   Also known as Mr Randroller in the music industry who has a passion for hip-hop and also a producer and event organiser.

- 2013 he dropped his 1st mixtape titled Randtape which lead him to be nominated in awards for best single and best mixtape.  

- 2015 and 2016 was a good year for him he was invited for radio interviews and also worked with a lot of underground rappers.

- 2017 July he dropped his 1st Ep titled Ear Friendly later that year he dropped his 1st full album titled Lead by Example which got nominated in Live Your Dream SA for the best upcoming artist and he was nominated in Back The artist 2017 for the best upcoming rapper.

-2018 he also received a nomination for the Best upcoming producer in the Back to the city 10k challenge competition  

He has shared the stage with big names in  hip hop scene such as Zulu boy, Zakwe , Suan G and many more. He has performed at the Batcenter Hip Hop Inqaba 2018

Looks promising for someone who had a dream turned it into a reality, one can only wonder what the future holds for this promising young artist

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What kind of impact do you want your music to have on Africa or internationally?
Apr 18, 11:20PM EDT0
What are three things you look for when you see a hip-hop artist sing live?
Apr 18, 1:03PM EDT0
What aspect of the music encourage and discourage you the most and why?
Apr 16, 5:56PM EDT0
What would you say is the state of the music industry in Africa?
Apr 16, 4:24PM EDT0
What has been the best piece of advice in the music business that you have received and followed?
Apr 16, 10:24AM EDT1
Do you sing in English or your native language? What is your song writing process?
Apr 14, 3:20PM EDT0

i sing in both sometime i mix m up

Apr 14, 6:57PM EDT0
Which award were you nominated for best single and the best mixtape for your 1st mixtape? How did it help you grow in the music world more?
Apr 14, 12:54PM EDT0

OMAZ awardS help me a lot after that i revieved lot of features all over Durban (my city)

Apr 15, 12:32AM EDT0
Which do you think is the essential element in making your music and style the way it is?
Apr 14, 12:28PM EDT0

I try by all means to stay unique in my art that the tool i use and i tackle issues that has not bieng spoken about

Apr 15, 12:45AM EDT0
How long have you been composing and producing music and events and how did you get started in the first place?
Apr 14, 8:49AM EDT0

It been six years the other years i was'nt commited as i was busy with school .Events and producing it was all part of love for the hip hop so i starred hosting shows 

Apr 15, 12:49AM EDT0
How did you get involved with hip-hop music, and more specifically African music?
Apr 14, 6:02AM EDT0
What inspires the stories you tell in your music? What artists influence you and your craft?
Apr 14, 5:50AM EDT0

nas  does it for me i rap what im sorrund by 

Apr 14, 7:03PM EDT0
What software or equipment do you use to create beats for your music? If you don’t do it yourself, how do you get this done?
Apr 14, 3:03AM EDT0

i use fruity lòoops to make beats  and cubase to mix and master

Apr 14, 7:01PM EDT0
What's the story behind your last album "LEAD BY EXAMPLE"? Where did you draw your inspiration on the new album from?
Apr 13, 9:40PM EDT0

I belive that i will make it and i have achieved lot in music and still proving in my community that im good rapper in or out and lead by example in my hood 

Apr 14, 6:56PM EDT0
What do you think about African music and how hip-hop is perceived in the African culture. And how has this evolved since you first got involved?
Apr 13, 6:49PM EDT0

Hip hop in africa is unique we belive in our culture and we end up writting verse that touch the heart.Hip hop saved my life and since i got involved lot has change in positive way

Apr 14, 6:51PM EDT0
Do you think that the internet and the new technology has helped you to present your music as an independent musician in general?
Apr 13, 4:06PM EDT0

yes brother exposure via internet is the key right now 

Apr 14, 6:46PM EDT0
Why did you choose the name MrRandroller? Also, what have you been doing as of late?
Apr 13, 3:23PM EDT0

Rand is currency coin R1 or $1 i was perfoming years back in stage i had coin and my pockets had holes so my rands fell and roll all over the stage.im currently working on mixtape

Apr 14, 6:45PM EDT0
Besides the awards and the nominations that you have received for your work in last 5 years, what would you say has been your biggest personal achievement to date?
Apr 13, 3:22PM EDT0

Sound brother you know if you are an artist you need to know where you fit in. Sound makes an artist look at pharel he found his sound long ago 

Apr 14, 6:41PM EDT0
Which famous song ultimately describes what you’d like your music productions to sound like?
Apr 13, 8:15AM EDT0

Gods plan by Canadian rapper is nice joint 

Apr 13, 12:41PM EDT0
Where can the fans find your latest music and old mixtapes and where can they be heard or downloaded?
Apr 13, 6:04AM EDT0


you can also just google mr randroller 

Apr 13, 12:39PM EDT0
Who do you think is the most successful and influential hip-hop artist in your genre today and why?
Apr 13, 4:54AM EDT0

it cassper nyovest he is toping the charts and brother is humble his album is very nice for trapers and hardcore hip hop

Apr 13, 12:31PM EDT0
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