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Ja Bos
Sep 6, 2018

It’s Ja Bos, Brooklyn is the home town, and music is life.

Are you a fan of bars and good music?

You're in the right place!

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Spread love it’s the Brooklyn way hip hip and r& b from the 99s and early 2000s influenced me.

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What are your visions when it comes to your music? What are you doing to go from being an upcoming artist to the most sought after one?
Sep 8, 9:54AM EDT0

My vision is getting a show for right now and actually getting paid for my music. I’m investing in myself so it will take some time but it’s slowly progressing

Sep 8, 10:41AM EDT0
Some people do not understand why rap music is sometimes so "rough"? Is it the way the musicians portray the music or it is just their style?
Sep 8, 6:28AM EDT0

I think it’s how the artist is feeling 

most of the times you don’t know a artist personality but while listening to a song from them you discover something about the artist

Sep 8, 10:42AM EDT0
Would you say people remember an artist after he has released many songs or is it when one song becomes a hit that they start seeking the artist out?
Sep 8, 3:32AM EDT0

Depending on the promotion team

the more people hear it the more people can relate and share with friends.

Sep 8, 10:39AM EDT0
When you write your music, is it based on your personal experience, experiences of people around you or your perception of life in general?
Sep 8, 12:12AM EDT0

Everything you just said 

my experience ,people I know experience,life in general is what my music is based on

Sep 8, 10:37AM EDT0
Do you think more people would understand rap if they looked at it as some form of poetry?
Sep 8, 12:09AM EDT0

Yes I do because rap is poetry 

just with a beat to it

Sep 8, 10:36AM EDT0
Is rap music made around the beats or are the beats made around the rap music? Which one comes first?
Sep 8, 12:00AM EDT0

For me sometimes I write then find a beat. Other times I just find the beat then start writing. It really doesn’t matter which you do 1st my opinion 

Sep 8, 10:35AM EDT0
As an upcoming artist, what are the challenges you have faced especially when it comes to getting your music produced?
Sep 7, 8:34PM EDT0

As a upcoming artist 

some engineers don’t take you serious or they won’t do a good job mixing your music

Sep 8, 10:51AM EDT0
You are actually a great rapper. How many songs have you produced?
Sep 7, 10:41AM EDT0

I’m not a producer,I’ve never tried making a beat I am just a writer so I’ve produced none.if where speaking about how many songs I have over 30

Last edited @ Sep 7, 1:21PM EDT.
Sep 7, 1:20PM EDT0
Which rap artist do you feel appealed to everyone including those that did not like rap? What should one do to ensure the rap music he produces has a flow that is enjoyable to everyone, or at least most people?
Sep 7, 5:05AM EDT0
What are some of the ways you are marketing your music, especially in your neighorhood?
Sep 7, 12:42AM EDT0

On social media’s basically 

in my neighborhood some of my friends also share on their social media.

Sep 7, 1:56AM EDT0
What does the music genre of hip-hop mean to you?
Sep 6, 3:52AM EDT0

Hip hop means a lot to me

got me through a time no one cared when I had no one in my corner music is always make me happy 

Sep 6, 8:52AM EDT0
What challenges have you come across while trying to share your music?
Sep 5, 11:26PM EDT0

While trying to share my music

i was told I was spamming 

so I cut down on how frequent i share

Sep 6, 8:51AM EDT0
In your opinion what are the top five things every rapper needs to make great music?
Sep 5, 10:10PM EDT0

Top 5 things every rappers needs to make great music.

1  A nice beat 

2 a catchy hook 

3 real bars 

4 adlids 

5 something people remember easy  or relate to off the rip

Sep 6, 8:47AM EDT0
What do you look for in a producer before working with them?
Sep 5, 5:21PM EDT0

Beats that I can vibe with and a producer who knows what he wants and can match any style on their beats

Sep 5, 5:48PM EDT0
Would you rather write down your lyrics or freestyle? Why?
Sep 5, 4:16PM EDT0

For a remix I’ll freestyle 

but I mostly write I freestyle playing around in the house with my boys

Sep 5, 5:21PM EDT0

Have you checked out my YouTube?

Sep 5, 2:11PM EDT0
How would you describe the flavor of Brooklyn hip-hop compared to anywhere else?
Sep 5, 12:37PM EDT0

Right now there’s a lot of “drill rappers”but there’s a lot of emmcees in Brooklyn also. I think theirs still bars that’s why I listen to music for the art.

i guess that’s what the people want to hear- my opinion

Last edited @ Sep 5, 1:51PM EDT.
Sep 5, 1:35PM EDT0
How often do you share music online? What feedback do you usually get?
Sep 5, 7:21AM EDT0

I share my music frequently 

on my spare time. I’ve had good feedback for the most 

Sep 5, 1:36PM EDT0
What are you doing to market your music, so more people can listen?
Sep 5, 6:37AM EDT0

Right now I have a single called no deal which will be on every streaming platform iTunes Spotify....etc

Sep 5, 1:41PM EDT0
What rappers have inspired your style of hip-hop? What drew you to these artists?
Sep 5, 5:50AM EDT0

50cent,loyd banks,stack bundles,bootcamp click,chinx,Fred da godson a lot more lol. What drew me into theses artists they all have different styles word play and sound. Also I can relate to their bars sometimes I may have just went threw what the artist is speaking about.

Sep 5, 1:44PM EDT0
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